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Compact Coaster Contest

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Some time ago I posted a park with 60 coasters with a small footprint, ranging from 25 to 100 tiles. I'm currently working on a new park with compact coasters and I'd like to give you a chance to get your design in it, so I decided to start a contest: Design a compact coaster on at most 60 tiles. The best design(s) will be included in the second compact coaster pack (if I'll ever release it :P). If you need inspiration, look at Towers of Terror in Group Park 2 (which is 90 tiles, not 60).

The coaster may not use more than 60 tiles. This is calculated by multiplying the numbers shown on the select coaster design screen (a rectangle including entrance/exit). Valid options are 2x30, 3x20, 4x15, 5x12, 6x10 and 7x8. You will get a small bonus for using less than 60 tiles.
It must be possible to build a valid path from the entrance and the exit.
Exitement rating must be at least 5.5 (without scenery).
The coaster type must be available in vanilla RCT2.
No scenery and only flat ground, I'll disable scenery when I build the coaster in a flat park. 
Don't use cheats or trainers, it must be possible to build it from scratch under normal conditions.

The exitement rating will be the score for your coaster.
There will be some penalties and bonusses for various things (a safe coaster with high capacity will get a bonus, high intensity/nausea ratings attract a penalty)

Post your coaster (.TD6 file) AND one screenshot of your coaster in this topic to enter. The contest will end on 30th april 23:59 forum time. You are allowed to submit another coaster if your last entry was before the annoucement of the deadline. You can NOT replace any of your entries with newer coaster, so make sure it's finished before posting.


Let the building begin!

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Hi jensj12,

I attach my rather literal entry called 'Optimal'. Footprint is "20x2"

Excitement: 6.01 (High)
Intensity: 6.46 (High)
Nausea: 2.99 (Medium)

It does all that is expected and just enough hopefully ;)

[Had to save the .TD6 with a fake .png extension to convince it to let me save]




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Hi jensj12,

I attach my entry called 'Two-Eyed Behemoth'. Footprint is "14x5", but the tiles that the coaster covers is 14x4 + 4 = 60.

Excitement: 6.55 (High)
Intensity: 9.51 (Very High)
Nausea: 4.75 (Medium)

[Learned how to save a .TD6 file with a fake .png extension to convince it to let me save.  Thank you _fog]

The coaster download: Two Eyed Behemoth Final 60 tiles.TD6.png.TD6

The screenshot: Two-Eyed Behemoth.png

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@Redino If you're coaster covers 14x5 tiles, it's not a valid entry.  I count the rectangle your coaster is in, and that's 70 tiles. Don't be disappointed though, I won't count it as submission so you can submit another coaster as soon as it's ready.

@_fog Submission accepted! As my personal record is an exitement rating of 7.46 I don't expect yours to win, but you never know until the contest is over. Still waiting for 9 more valid submissions.

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Yeah, that exitement rating requirement is quite strict, I put it in to prevent a 2x30 reverse freefall coaster being submitted (which is already in my park :P ), might lower it if there aren't enough submissions. I'd be happy to see more, I love the creativity people put in compact rides.

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Due to the low amount of submissions, I've lowered the exitement rating requirement to 5.5. Still a 2x30 reverse freefall coaster is not possible. And _Fog and Redino, the cooldown for both of you is over, so you can submit another coaster if you'd like.

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@Broxzier I've checked it and the exitement penalty for having multiple coasters of the same type is not visible to players, it's only used for peep calculations. To double-check it I've also built it in an empty park, and it still shows me 5.71.

Adding the paths and enabling 'synchronise with adjacent stations' (which stops the coaster completely) gave me the rating shown in your picture (even a bit higher with more paths).

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I've been trying to get OpenRCT to save my coaster, but it doesn't want to show the window where I can give it a name and save it. Is that not working correctly (Because then I'll just save it in RCT2), or what's going on here? This might not even be the right topic to notify this, so in that case, also sorry. ^^

Build: OpenRCT2, v0.0.3.1-master build 1500 (673796e)

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Looking good @imlegos. I'm quite amazed that you got that in a 4x5 area, but I cannot accept is because the exitement rating is 0.01 too low. Sorry. Also don't forget to post the track file next time.

Now I'm looking at your submission, I see that the exit is clipping through the track and I realise that I forgot one rule (which is now added): don't use cheats or trainers, it must be possible to build it from scratch under normal conditions.

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This doesn't technically qualify due to not having a high enough excitement, but I just had to try and build my favorite type, the Heartline, for this. Unfortunately the old excitement bug on this coaster type was patched out for OpenRCT2.  Basically instead of maxing excitement I went all out on having it meet all the other requirements. Maximum possible capacity and a brisk 2 minute ride time means it makes loads of money, it goes slow enough that crashes shouldn't be a problem.  It's 2x30 obviously.  I'm kind of surprised I managed to get it over 4 excitement in this small of a space. SCR1.png



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I'd say luckily it had been patched. :P I hate heartline twisters, honestly. Anyways, submission denied for not meeting the exitement rating requirement. Better luck next time.

@imlegos I've checked the coaster and it's indeed a visual bug. Slightly modifying the design made the exitement rating go over 5.5, so keep trying!

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Maybe I'll do a redesign. I want to keep it in the 5x4 as that's the smallest I can do, and still get decent. If I can't reach it, I'll go 5x5. I feel like using the Mini coasters is kinda cheating, but it isn't against the rules so it's not.


On another note, Spellcheck, y u no realise math statements???

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