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After a succesful compac coaster contest, I'd like to start a new one. Not really a compact coaster contest, but a Christmas Coaster Contest :D. The goal: build a holiday-themed coaster before the end of 2016.


  • Maximum area: 12x16 tiles (including entrance, exit and paths).
  • Only use rides/objects available in RCT2 and the expansions.
  • Disabling clearance is only allowed for track merging and scenery.
  • Modifying terrain is allowed, but only within those 192 tiles.
  • Build at least one coaster.
  • Use your common sense.


  • Post a nice screenshot/video here before the end of 2016.
  • If possible, include a track file or save file.
  • Do not submit another coaster within 24 hours of your last submission. (yes, multiple submissions are allowed, but remember, quality over quantity)
  • Editing a submission is considered submitting a new submission.


  • There'll be one week of voting after the contest is over. (that means I'll participate as well)

Merry Christmas and happy building!

If you want to, you can use this template to build your coaster: CCC2.sc6

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It's 2017 (happy new year everyone!) so submissions are closed now. Because I can't add a poll to an existing topic, voting happens as follows: Copy the list of submissions and add one to the item you want to vote for (and indicate what you voted for). One vote per forum account, invalid votes will be ignored.

Skiing in the Snow - 0

Snow Mountain - 0

Christmas Tree - 0

Voting closes exactly one week after this post.

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I for sure wouldn't have participated if it had cso, cause I am not common with the objects. Also, I know other forums can announce things largely on their main page?(even on every page) Is that not possible with the forum design that is used here?

Further I agree with Broxzier. I have one micro park and that was so much fun, to some extent not the full joy you would have at the end of a big park but it's a fun experience all the way through.

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