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Absurd rides

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18 hours ago, jensj12 said:

If you can make a proper set of rules you can host a Crazy Coaster Contest :D (or let me run it).

Sure, you can run it if you want!

I was thinking of something like the following rules:

  • Any tracked ride may be used (so not just coasters)
  • Ride intensity and nausea must be under 10.00
  • Ride must be able to get its stats calculated
  • Only rides from original RCT2 and official add-ons
  • Mixing cars / merging tracks / changing ride modes is allowed (and encouraged!)
  • All OpenRCT2 cheats allowed

I think it will be a fun contest :D

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39 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

It will be difficult to compare contest entries, and as new tricks are discovere, I think it'll be more fun to have a showcase thread like this instead.

Even if we do a contest, i personally don't really see it as a contest anyway, as I'm not in it to win anything. I see it more as an incentive for people to explore and share new tricks (like the shoestring coasters). In the end we can always just do a popularity vote or whatever :P

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Perhaps the most absurd ride I've seen is one with a -1 car train (yes, minus one). Obviously there was no way guests could ride it, and it had an intensity rating of around 300 (For the record, the most intense ridable ride I've ever seen had an intensity rating of about 112).

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On 12/8/2017 at 13:02, Deurklink said:

That is quite an absurd ride xD How did you manage to complete a lap? (Lol @ year 6,243)

A lap takes only about 200 years, but the full ride takes over 6000. I let my computer constantly running for almost 2 days on hyperspeed. Here is an album explaining the ride. Back when I made that album I hadn't tested the full ride yet, I merely tested one lap and calculated the total length.

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I usually build within the boundaries of what would be possible without cheats, but sometimes I like to experiment with cheats. Here are a coaster that spans the entire park with the highest excitement rating I've ever gotten, a 6x6 coaster with over 10 excitement, and a coaster with over 80 in every stat, which did use cheats.

Test Park 2017-12-09 23-12-43.png

Test Park 2017-12-09 23-11-28.png

Test Park 2017-12-09 23-10-06.png

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