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Absurd rides

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5 hours ago, flp said:

I did not understand what is absurd in this coaster...

I put 5 different car types on one train. One of which has a wider track gauge and would not be able to run on the same track as the others. I can't think of any coaster IRL that does that - there's a few that have both a stand up and sit down train, but I can't think of one with different vehicle types in the same train.

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48 minutes ago, S-Man42 said:

@X7123M3-256 Your last one is mind fucking. It seems to play with the perspective. But I do not get te trick. Would you explain it? How do you hide the level difference? 

It's forced perspective - the track is not connected but the two ends are lined up so that they look connected from that angle. The ride is non-functional - I did build one that was functional, but I couldn't get it to work consistently. The synchronization has to be perfect for the illusion to still work with a train running.

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