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Openrct2 crashing my computer.

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Just got openrct2 couple days ago, and the past two days it's been crashing my computer, I don't know what to do, tried downloading a new launcher, no help. It just says "your pc ran into a problem" starting to get fustrating. Please help, it's keep restarting my computer when I play for 10 min.

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With the "your pc ran into a problem" message, you mean the modern blue screen, right? There should be some information about where it went wrong, usually a name of the driver that crashed and an error code. Posting these might help find the problem.

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7 hours ago, X7123M3-256 said:

OpenRCT2 sometimes crashes my computer too, but even after several occurrences I have no idea why, nor can I reliably reproduce it. Usually it happens if the game has been left idling on another tab for a while.

I bet I know why. See, my laptop, is Windows 10. If I leave Minecraft, idling for a decent amount of time, say, 30 minutes, it blue screens. A "thread stuck in device driver," issue.

This is probably the same thing OP is having, as from time to time Minecraft will crash my pc even when I'm actively playing it. Minecraft is my biggest culprit, but a few other games do it too, such as leaving Cities Skylines, Oblivion and BFBC2 idle for a medium length of time. 

"The Windows 10 Thread Stuck In Device Driver error is caused by a driver file being caught in an endless loop while it waits for the hardware to enter idle state. This is usually a driver problem and rarely hardware. Thankfully, a driver or BIOS update can fix it. The fault usually results in a BSOD crash."

I don't have a solution, as it really just requires updating, however I've yet to manage to get it fixed, despite hours of trouble shooting. IIRC, ORCT2 has done it a couple of times. Best of luck to you.

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Both Minecraft and OpenRCT2 use more driver features and more system power than, say, just browsing around. Because of this, it will trigger bugs in drivers way more easily. The same applies to overheating.

Make sure your drivers are updated. First and foremost, the drivers of your video card.

Also, install software that shows your system temperature and run that software and OpenRCT2 (in a window) side-by-side.

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Unfortunatly no, every driver is up to date, this really frustrating for me. Used the blue screen detecter thing that shows the dump file that caused to shut down. The "ntoskrnl.exe" is the cause of it, I'm no expert when it comes to this y'all can assume, and know that now that windows run on the exe, whats the cause for that to happen? My computer restarted for like the 30th time a week already.

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16 hours ago, Zeronthegreat said:

Crashed again like it has been, but could not log in because account nor password box wasn't showing and there's nothing I can do, now computer won't detect screen. This is too much for me in one week. :( Thanks for taking your time and try to help.

Sounds to me like a major software issue. I'd launch into safemode and dig around, do a restore (not a reset!) and trouble shoot more on larger platforms, such as Tomshardware. Reddit is a good place too.

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If you can't fix BSOD's your own and you're pretty sure it's a driver error, take your computer to an IT specialist and ask them to have a look at it. That fixed YT causing a BSOD on my laptop.

Edit: it crashed again today >:(:/:'(

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Thx Brox :)
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If ntoskrnl.exe is involved, that's pretty serious - it's the kernel, which you can pretty much only knock out with either defective hardware or very broken drivers. Keep in mind that some anti-virus software installs drivers of its own, and so do CD/DVD emulators.

If hardware failure is the cause, it's most likely the memory. You can test that by booting your computer from an Ubuntu DVD and selecting 'Test memory' in the boot-up menu. That would need to be left for a few hours if you want to be sure.

If it is software, you could try a fresh install.

However, if you're not overly comfortable with solving issues like this, it's probably better left to an IT professional, as Jens pointed out. My personal experience is that independent PC shops usually perform well in this regard, at least over here.

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