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  1. Unfurtunatly right now, 4 in the morning yesterday, I cannot get into the desktop enviornment anymore.
  2. Crashed again like it has been, but could not log in because account nor password box wasn't showing and there's nothing I can do, now computer won't detect screen. This is too much for me in one week. Thanks for taking your time and try to help.
  3. Unfortunatly no, every driver is up to date, this really frustrating for me. Used the blue screen detecter thing that shows the dump file that caused to shut down. The "ntoskrnl.exe" is the cause of it, I'm no expert when it comes to this y'all can assume, and know that now that windows run on the exe, whats the cause for that to happen? My computer restarted for like the 30th time a week already.
  4. So all of my drivers are up to date, but one, the "IDT High Definition Audio CODEC" driver, I just updated it just now. I'm hoping that was the cause of all this mess, and hoping it's gone?
  5. It's even worse, 10 mins of nothing this happens. Really fustrating, I see it's now not RCT2, but I don't know if that was the start for it causing problems.
  6. Just got openrct2 couple days ago, and the past two days it's been crashing my computer, I don't know what to do, tried downloading a new launcher, no help. It just says "your pc ran into a problem" starting to get fustrating. Please help, it's keep restarting my computer when I play for 10 min.
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