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Failed to Create Dump Upon Restart

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Hi guys started the game up for the first time changed a few settings (uncap FPS, Imperial and day/night cycle) then changed image engine to OpenGL and it said a restart is required. I closed the game and it wouldn't restart and I was shown this message:

Failed to create the dump. Please file and issue with OpenRCT2 on GitHub and provide latest save, and provide information about what you did before the crash.

I don't know what GitHub is and I didn't have any save games so i'm assuming it was an issue with one of the settings i changed (probably OpenGL).

Please help!!!!

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Just throwing this out there:

Run program as Administrator. If by chance ORCT2 is trying to save to a folder that needs Administrative actions it may be getting rejected. Also, make sure your not saving files to a virtual location, such as c:\gateway\users\app data\virtual store\OpenRCT2\save games... 

I've had this issue and on occasion glitches like this show up.

Good luck

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That folder looks messed up. Why are there so many non-scenario files in the save folder? Try removing all of them (those being the data folder, changelog, contributors, licence, openrct2, openrct2.dll, and readme). Make sure you actually have those files one level up (In Documents > OpenRCT2).

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On 5/10/2017 at 14:06, NickBishop12 said:



This is what can happen if you don't run as Administrator... Assuming you right clicked on your shortcut and picked "Run As Administrator" this notice shouldn't show up unless you literally trying to access a Restricted System folder for this action. Also I notice 'One Drive' in the path which possibly is conflicting. (that was a complete guess, but its not something I commonly see.)

You've spent a lot of time trying to fix this so I'm suggesting this:

Do a complete uninstall, then do a cold start reboot, then reinstall AS AN ADMINISTRATOR to this path: C:\Users\<your user folder>\Documents\OpenRCT2\   ((C:\)can be any drive letter)

My actual path is:  C:\Users\Gateway\Documents\OpenRCT2

Also, My OpenRCT2 folder has a \Bin folder that contains all the files I see in your OpenRCT2 root directory except for the config.ini file.

There is smart input out here, but this is what I did when I had the same issue and it worked.



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