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  1. same issue with mine but different i try enter server but takes me back to menu idk what issue is please report heres file for prove Recording #3.mp4
  2. how do i save activated cheats cuz i exit orct2 then return back but its deactivated so how come save active cheats wont work when exit orct2 ????
  3. provide logs???? idk what it is can u show me please
  4. i try join server but i keeps returning to main menu idk what problem is???? Recording #3.mp4
  5. i try joining in server but it keeps sending me back to main menu how do i fix it???
  6. i try join other servers but most cant be joined it keeps sending me in main menu how do i fix it???
  7. NickBishop12


    i would love to c orct3 but most people said rct3 sucks well half yes and half no cuz it has more options more rides etc but they should definitely add new multiplayer so yea i would agree to c if they agree too
  8. sorri even im new but just pain hearing failed create dump ok :'( unless someone could create open server like 12 hours or 6 hours of running ok
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