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Two-way track

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Although I'm curious as to how hard the game would crash if you did something like put Trams on a looping coaster.
I'm not sure if that's possible. For trams and most tracks the ride needs to loop for it to work (end at the station), while with this steel coaster you can have the launch mode selected. Perhaps you can combine two coasters together, going to try it out now!Edit: Wow! It actually works!View imageEdit 2:This is so cool!View imageWhen you demolish the attached coaster the game crashes.
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But all of these just work perfectly :DView imageSadly the water rides are too slow to take passengers with them. With the extra weight they won't get up the vertical hill (yes even those big boats will get up the hill eventually, it just takes some time...).Here the save from the screenshot above: https://openrct.net/cc/share/14/Bogus+sandbox.SV6

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I can load it without problems. Even without ticking 'allow loading files with incorrect checksums' I can still load it properly. Playing on UK localisation (that fixed other bugs too in the past :P ).edit: and I disabled all breakdown in the cheats menu, maybe doing that in another game before loading this one might do the trick...edit2: looks like not a single attraction has its ratings calculated anymore. It isn't even calculated for normal coasters anymore so I can't save any coaster designs anymore in that park.

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Theme Park Review posted a video of the new switchback rollercoaster, so I thought I'd remake that one. Goes back the entire track after a vertical spike, switches track and returns to the station. Had to use a slightly different method, but it should work. Sadly a wooden coaster can't be set to lauched mode, so I tried both continuous circuit with and without block sections. Both happen to crash the entire game. In it's current state, it crashes the game when entering the station (just set it to test mode): https://openrct.net/cc/share/16/Switchback+Rollercoaster.SV6Still it would be great if it worked...

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