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  1. Protip: ditch AVG. You'll only ever get false positives.
  2. They said Q4 2015, which is January to April 2016.View imageThat's Q1 2016. Plus April 2016, which is Q2.
  3. I doubt it will work even if they implement it. Isometric view kinda only works good if we're talking 2D sprites, not humongous 3D Ferris Wheels that take up 40% of the view screen.
  4. It seems you can't edit the first post of a thread :/As for RCT World, it seems like RCT 3 with higher-poly graphics, a dumbed-down interface and a goal to save the worthless company called Atari from yet another bankruptcy with a game that has the quality potential of RCT 4 Mobile.OMG, the guest animations and movement at 7:25 hurt my eyes. What is this, 1997?
  5. Could be the OpenRCT2's lack of non-ASCII character support is screwing around with every string that comes after Deja Vu and then some game coding as a side-effect?
  6. I get one tab with the exact same thumbnail and one with the full-size image.
  7. That high? Hardly :DEvery guest has his own preferred intensity and nausea tolerance, which you can check by clicking on a guest and then on the tab with his face.The Extreme and Ultra-Extreme intensity ratings indicate a problem with your track. By taking a glance, I see you're not using banks on turns where the train has high speeds. As strange as it sounds, the game tries to follow the laws of physics when it comes to ride behaviour (except when the Merry-Go-Round breaks down, I'd like to see someone explain that :D ). If a train reaches a high speed and approaches a standard turn, the ride
  8. Also noticed that in the Pause button in OpenRCT2, you can see black pixels which are not displayed in RCT2 (except, apparently, for faulty screenshots). The palette is surely 8-bit, and one of the colours is assigned as a null.
  9. Try to disable the User Account Control in the Control Panel (in the User Accounts menu), see if it works.
  10. Yeah, noticed that after posting and couldn't edit it :/Seems RCT2 can load it properly, but can't convert it to a bitmap screenshot. It's supposed to be a pale yellow colour.I know that the path design itself is way too colourful, but it's inconvenient to see it like this too :D
  11. Hey guys,I noticed a problem with how OpenRCT2 (currently on development version 0.0.3 build A615) reads the Rainbow Footpath from Time Twister incorrectly - adds black stuff on the railings where there isn't any.Here's how it looks in regular RCT2:View imageAnd here's how it is in OpenRCT2:View image
  12. That's not how you move it away from Program Files. You need to completely reinstall the game because of registry files it (hopefully) links to.
  13. Well, it seems they have. See 34.png through 57.png: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/tree/develop/resources/g2
  14. I think you start with some more money in some of those scenarios, IIRC, so it's not much of a challenge :PAlso, can we get a Report button on the forums, this spammer above isn't supposed to be here?
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