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Two-way track

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Loading saved games with an incorrect checksum isn't actually implemented yet, for lack of a such a save. I would use the corrupted save on page 2, but the CoasterCloud doesn't seem to work at the moment.
For some reason the file got deleted... (probably updated/removed by creating a new version of the file, however, this should not happen if the file has been shared off course... I'm going to fix it, and then try to see if the file exists in the backups)Edit: The file got deleted because the launcher used an older version of our API which hadn't had the share function implemented yet (so it deleted the file, wheter it should have deleted it or not). I patched it.Edit2: Fixed, restored and shouldn't happen again :D
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For a coaster to work properly with 'continuous circuit with block sections' there need to be 3 'loops':

  • The train must make it¬†trough the entire track, passing the block brakes in the correct order
  • Iterating forward from the station must get you back to the station (for continuous circuit to work, use other modes otherwise)
  • Iterating backwards from the station must get you back to the station while passing all block brakes in reverse order (without block brakes it still needs to get back to the station)

Simply connecting both ends (which I did with invisible track) would create an infinite backwards loop (which should no longer cause the game to hang in a few hours/days). For the coaster to work I also had to build some invisible track from the spike at the back to the chainlift (which is just 5 pieces). The saved track design has the two spikes connected but lacks the two other connecting tracks.

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