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With all the games coming up I decided to start a topic here that I also started on another forum a looong time ago.

Here's how it works:

  • Paste your current clipboard in a quote box (upload images somewhere, like imgur.com, simply paste them there)
  • Explain why it's in your clipboard

I'll start :)


robots.txt Tester

I was trying to figure out why a website was not showing up on Google, while a test form said crawlers DO have access to browse the website. Turns out they were using an cached file (robots.txt) preventing them from indexing the website.

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I was saving a link to a knex instructables page that listed the number of teeth on the different size gears used in knex because I wanted to figure out the total gear reduction in a gear train I made (if you don't know what knex are, they're similar to legos). The total reduction turned out to be (84*34*34*34*34)/(14*14*14*14*14)=112252224/537824=501126/2401 or about 208.7:1.

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Oh boy, this one's gonna be fun to explain.

So there's a streamer I watch often. He used to have a video of this with the music "raindrops keep falling on my head" while the words "Congratulations! You're a dick!" appeared on screen, and he would play it whenever someone was being a dick in chat (such as making jokes about the time his garage burned down in the middle of a 24 hour stream) or in the game (usually quiplash.) Unfortunately a while ago something went wrong with his hard drive and he lost the video, along with all his stream graphics. I'm in the middle of trying to recreate the video he would play so that I can surprise him with the glorious long-lost stream clip of falling dicks.

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