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Lie To Me (Forum Game)

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2 hours ago, YoloSweggLord said:

@wilburg22 correct! How did you know?

I am a Christian, but I consider myself non-denominational. I just go with what the bible says (although my youth group is at a prespyterian church.) But I definitely won't consider myself a catholic (those weird icon-worshippers!)

Out of curiosity, why do you consider icon worshippers weird?

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(Pretty sure the actual lie was you spend more time developing than you spend playing :P; still, good work on the tile inspector!)

I'm starting to get confused following this game, so I suggest a person call out a lie and then we all wait for the person to tell whether it's true or not. Then, anyone calls out the lie of the 2nd person and the game follows.

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@BlazingEmpireHD: Nope, I do like pizza, everyone does, right?


1 hour ago, ziscor said:

(Pretty sure the actual lie was you spend more time developing than you spend playing :P; still, good work on the tile inspector!)

Also wrong :P The lie was that I own a grey African Parrot, but would love one. At this time I just can't have one unfortunately. And thanks ^^ There's still lots to be done.

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5 hours ago, Broxzier said:

The lie is: I saw 9/11 in person (or you are truly an unfortunate soul

I actually saw 9/11 on a train heading into NYC when I was 4 years old. The conductor stopped the train and said if you look to the left you can see the towers burning and being 4 years old, I thought it was an annual celebration where they light the twin towers on fire.

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On June 7, 2016 at 11:52, BlazingEmpireHD said:

Lie: (it's a tough one) you actually don't like pizza.


- I have two brothers and a sister

- I was born in Japan

-My parents are not divorced

Wrong, I was born in Japan. The actual lie is that I don't have two brothers and a sister - just one each. 


Also, your lie is - you never leave your room.

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47 minutes ago, YoloSweggLord said:

@cascadia ok when I said Idol I misspoke; I meant an image or statue of god (such as praying to a picture of carving of Jesus on the cross.)

Yes, I understood your meaning.  Why do you consider that weird?  It helps a lot of people make their religion more concrete.  (Not criticizing, just wondering).

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There's a difference in worshipping a painting/statue/idol instead of God and having a painting/statue/idol to help worshipping God. Worshipping something other than God will drive you away from him, while beautiful works can help to understand the great power of God.

As for the rules of this forum game, I suggest a post should contain 3 parts:

  • Telling which of three was the lie in your previous post
  • Guessing the lie of the previous poster
  • A new set of statements for the next poster to guess

So here's mine:

I'm indeed not from Belgium.

There's nothing to guess for me right now.

Four cowboys walk into a bar, each has a gun with exactly one bullet and they all want to shoot one of the other three. Cowboys can only shoot if they're alive and they won't shoot at exactly the same time. Only one cowboy survives. John was targetted by Marc. Henry wanted to shoot Fredrick.

  • Fredrick killed Marc
  • Henry or John survived
  • Fredrick and Henry weren't the first to be killed

Exactly one of these statements is a lie, which one?

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