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Lie To Me (Forum Game)

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2 hours ago, jensj12 said:

There's a difference in worshipping a painting/statue/idol instead of God and having a painting/statue/idol to help worshipping God. Worshipping something other than God will drive you away from him, while beautiful works can help to understand the great power of God.

As for the rules of this forum game, I suggest a post should contain 3 parts:

  • Telling which of three was the lie in your previous post
  • Guessing the lie of the previous poster
  • A new set of statements for the next poster to guess

So here's mine:

I'm indeed not from Belgium.

There's nothing to guess for me right now.

Four cowboys walk into a bar, each has a gun with exactly one bullet and they all want to shoot one of the other three. Cowboys can only shoot if they're alive and they won't shoot at exactly the same time. Only one cowboy survives. John was targetted by Marc. Henry wanted to shoot Fredrick.

  • Fredrick killed Marc
  • Henry or John survived
  • Fredrick and Henry weren't the first to be killed

Exactly one of these statements is a lie, which one?

Eh, conceded.  But Catholics don't worship idols, anyway...;)  ( Note: Not actually a Catholic; just wanted to point that fact about Catholics out).

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Did anyone get the lie yet?

I wasn't accusing anyone of anything, or saying something about any group of people, just pointing out what I thought what was being interpreted differently. If any of you felt offended, I'm sorry.

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I completely forgot your question. :P

But I'm pretty sure that since one of them is a lie, that means two other situations on themselves are possible simultaneously  as per the conditions. Based on this, three distinct scenarios can be constructed, out of which 2 will be impossible. If one were to let the 3 play out carefully, they could detect the one which is possible, and precisely which statement of the three is a lie.

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Lie: Henry or John survived.


- I have flown faster than the speed of sound.

- I was at Woodstock

- I have ridden both the Bobs at Riverview Park and the Cyclone at Coney Island

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I'm guessing you haven't been to Woodstock.

  • My grandfather is the head of NADDI
  • My great grandfather fought in WWII
  • My half sister was a 2nd runner up in a state spelling bee in 2012

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@YoloSweggLord I'm guessing your grandfather isn't head of NADDI

You are correct - I was a rear seat weapons specialist on a F-4 Phantom Wild Weasel in Vietnam in 1969 and my father took me to Riverview Park in Chicago (120miles away) for my first coaster ride when I was 6. And the Cyclone is one of the best wooden coasters, an awesome ride.

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Nope, item number 3 is false. (I don't have a half-sister, or any sisters in that case. Nor do I have any half-brothers.)

My grandfather, Charles F Cichon, is, in fact, the head of the National Association of Drug Dispersion Investigators. And my grandfather fought for the allied powers in WWII. I have some medals that my grandfather got in the war (2 of them are from captured axis soldiers and have swasticas on them).

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