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Corrupt a Wish (A Forum Game)

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This is a game that I didn't make up, but I am spreading it to other forums because it's a fun forum game for us all to have some fun with.


Here's how it works:

I'll wish for something, say, "I wish for a banana"


And then the next person will respond saying "Granted, but your banana is moldy."

Then that same person wishes for something, and thus the chain continues!


I'll get it started!


I wish this forum game would get started! ;) 

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27 minutes ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

Granted, but the mac and cheese was overcooked, and the cheese was moldy.


I wish I had a new iPad.

The iPad contains the soul to Steve Jobs, who turns out to be evil and plotting to use you to take over the world.


I wish that the next person will get this wish. 

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45 minutes ago, ziscor said:

Granted, but one of the Venus Flytraps ate your family.

I wish Chris Sawyer came back to game development.

Granted, but Chris Sawyer successfully sues ORCT2 into obilvion.


I wish that Bernie Sanders will become president. 

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49 minutes ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

Granted, but his crazy chicken-lovin psycopath brother, Kernel Sanders takes his job and only serves the US chicken.



I wish I could move to Canada for when Trump becomes president.

Granted, but Stephen Harper emulates Trump and becomes a Canadian strongman.


I wish that Hillary Clinton will become president.

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54 minutes ago, imlegos said:

Because clearly Transport Tycoon mobile and RCT Mobile (WIP)don't exist.

dammit you broke the chain. :P

Also, I knew you'd call me out on that. He hasn't come back per se, both ports are worked on by another company. Chris still has a hands-free approach, and only gives advice and other consultancy when the actual developers need it. If he were to return back from the dead, it would be with something he actually works on this time.

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Does that change things? Chris Sawyer didn't work on them himself directly. At least not according to his last interview. A different team is working on them, not the company whose name Chris randomly made (X13 something?)

[EDIT : Yep. Just checked. It's Origin8 that's working on the port with Chris]

Edited by ziscor
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