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PLEASE add option to ban ip in multiplayer

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I am trying my hardest to run a good and clean server but when people repeatedly come in pretending to be others trying their hardest just to screw up the map and piss people off it really runs off alot of good users. PLEASE ADD THIS IN PLEASE!

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5 hours ago, ledust said:

also could you discuss the banning system? also the search function severely lacks on this site please direct me to any posts discussing the ip ban. Thank you for not being helpful :)

i assume it's going to be a ban power that server owner/some people with rights would get.  A quick Google search has found a previous discussion on IP Bans:



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@wolfreak99 Any user with a dynamic IP address probably only has to reboot their gateway to obtain a new IP address. Create a new OpenRCT2 account is much more effort and requires a new e-mail account, activation. Plus we can always block IP addresses on repeated account creations.

Dynamic ip? no one has dsl anymore shit is static. Making openrct2 accounts for online play etc... just adds in more problems that can go wrong for making the multiplayer integration more stream-lined and to the point. Honestly I'm just bitching but kids will have a easier time using proxies to make accounts/emails than actually implementing a proxy connection for the openrct2 client itself. *HEAD EXPLODES*

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You have a valid point there, but we can always ask for allowing servers to choose whether verified accounts can join or regular ppl as well. I can certainly say most players won't have a static IP these days. Maybe where you live there might be a lot of people who have static ones, but to my knowledge, a massive amount of computers have a Dynamic IP by default. In fact, most times a person only begins using a static IP when they try setting up a server in this game; I should know I was one of them. :P 

An account login system has multiple benefits such as preventing impersonation, logging your time played (something PFCKrutonium's launcher used to have), integration with this forum's accounts, etc. The pro's outweigh the con's IMO.

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Don't confuse external with internal IP addresses. Internally most (almost all) devices get an IP assigned from the router at home, and this IP you can change yourself easily. An external IP address is something given to your router by your ISP, and this is the IP that people from other networks need to connect to. Your router then port-forwards packages to your local device. As IntelOrca says, people can have access to the gateway and reboot it, which sometimes gives you a new external IP address.

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I thought about it overnight and I now believe the registered user system will be the best mainly to prevent impersonation making it easier for admins to moderate servers without having to contact me directly outside of the system to verify identity for full admin rights. I found having admins monitor new permission granted users and combined with the server automatically backing up the system is near fool proof ontop of having registered users eliminating any trolling and making a wonderful game for all people is so close at hand! Also I think the idea of being able to only build on a set area of land would be great to implement for new users or just users in general to all contribute their own varied parts to a park. SO MANY IDEAS I HAVE! Do any of the develops for openrct2 have their skype they could shoot me in pm for discussions ;)

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On 2016-04-10 at 03:07, ledust said:


This is extremely late but I recommend discussing most stuff over on gitter and make Github issues, the problem of course is that many people have ideas but it's a small team so making a PR about the specific idea/issue would be the best to get it into the game the quickest

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