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  1. i added u, i might b interested depending on how much time i got
  2. i assume it's going to be a ban power that server owner/some people with rights would get. A quick Google search has found a previous discussion on IP Bans: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/2870
  3. Barely got the excitement over 6 lol. Here's a new submission. It's 9 x 5 = 45 tiles. Inverted Hairpin Wild Mouse Coaster. Download: Deezle Box.png.TD6 Excitement: 6.01 (High) Intensity: 9.72 (Very High) Nausea: 5.99 (High) And a .gif as well: Enjoy. I love how easy it is to drag and drop files into a reply
  4. Redino

    Wuis' Micro Park

    ahhh wuis i misunderstood. i thought u had beaten the "Micro Park" scenario without layering. that would be rather impressive. your build is still good nonetheless imo
  5. Redino

    Wuis' Micro Park

    o so u didnt beat it?
  6. Hi jensj12, I attach my entry called 'Two-Eyed Behemoth'. Footprint is "14x5", but the tiles that the coaster covers is 14x4 + 4 = 60. Excitement: 6.55 (High) Intensity: 9.51 (Very High) Nausea: 4.75 (Medium) [Learned how to save a .TD6 file with a fake .png extension to convince it to let me save. Thank you _fog] The coaster download: Two Eyed Behemoth Final 60 tiles.TD6.png.TD6 The screenshot:
  7. Redino

    Wuis' Micro Park

    yea honestly he must have had to rebuild the rides every 6 months to keep guests coming in
  8. Redino

    Wuis' Micro Park

    Holy smokes, it's not even layered. this is a pro build
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