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  1. I just hoped to get Fort Anachrosim and Pandaworld into OpenRCT. But is there a button to sort the classic scenarios into a seperate Tab, so I can finish with Deluxe and later play the Classic version? If not, i still can use cheats to skip. Its not a big deal. I was just surprised. At least some Scenarios have some different objectives, like: Diamond Heights with 100k more as a goal. Just wanted to share.
  2. Dosn't matter anymore, because the OpenRCT2 Launcher updated with a new develop build (af53fa8) wich patched the bug. Big thanks
  3. I tried playing the level, cheat to win a level or a savegame 1 day befor wining the scenario. Every scenario was locked again. Same on a fresh install on my laptop No one mention it on GitHub and im not creating a new account just for that, on a Website, i don't even like to use. That's why im posting here. I know, it develop branch, but I just wanted this to be a reminder, to put the unlock feature back in, when it shifts to develop to release. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
  4. closed because of budget cuts. (Can be removed by Mods, if needed). Reason: [...] Money don't grow on trees [...] -Cage the Elephant" Server Name: [Foxy-Server] "Crossroads" [Anarchy] Version Link: Dev-Branch Ver.: (662c742) (More will probably be added in some time) Update List: DEV: d3ee7ed -> DEV: 9ef7a4c (2022-03-14) DEV: 9ef7a4c -> DEV: 662c742 (2022-18-14) problems with 9ef7a4c FAQ: Q: Will you add more servers? A: Eventually. Each one will have a different name to tell friends on what server you are playing. Q: The DEV-Branch updates every few hours. How up to date will this server be? A: Between 1 Week and 1 Month. Its currently not automated. Q: Will there be moderated Server? A: Unlikely, because im lazy a. f. ... Unless i find some moderators that are willing to keep the peace on some of those servers, its unlikly. Q: Download for the empty map? A: Temporary download location: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BRQvv4ksqXTg4YaJILL4Z54h4L9IgPn2?usp=sharing ^ Webserver is not finished. Im moveing all images as soon as its done.
  5. Can i load 2 differen "--user-data-path"'s on a single server? so that i can run 2 differen instances of openRCT2? (one as a private server for friends and another one for public) ? ---------------- Main problem right now: "Autosave" Every instance of openRCT2 saves the files at the same location and with the same syntax: "autosave_XXXX-XX-XX_XX-XX-XX" Autosave _Date_Time How can i seperate those on one server without mixing them up? Can i use a commandline parameter that seperates the save location?
  6. Via "Remote Desktop" on the root server. Launching the game, and evey 4 secound -> one Frame. Roughly 0.25 fps. As i said: i can not launch openRCT2 without grafics and interface for some reason. Not on the server and not on my PC. I could ask a friend with a linux server to test this as well. Maybe he has more luck than me. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Headless mode dosn't seem to start and the vServer dosn't have any grafics card (or is beeing Dos'ed) because the game runs at 0.25 FPS. Its a windows 2012 R2 vRoot (4 cores / 8gb ram) The command is: "C:\Users\________\Documents\OpenRCT2\bin\openrct2.exe" host "C:\Users\________\Documents\OpenRCT2\save\Pixels.sv6" -port 11753 --headless I tried it via admin and normal user. Ports are also enabled in the firewall. BTW: The headless mode also dosn't work for my local PC either. (Windows 10) Only normal mode works fine.
  8. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    and what do you do, if your version number is stored as 8 bit integer and you are at version number 256 and higher? You can't just simply use 16 bit, when the machine is only capable of 8 bit. Your method simply dosn't work on every machine.
  9. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    2+0 = 2. 2+0+0 = 2. 0+2+0 = 2. Works for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Each line is a seperate ID. If you reach 1.9 (1.90000...) and your project is still not finished, you add 1.91 (1.91000...) and if it is still not finished at 1.99 (1.99000...), you add 1.991 (1.99100...) This is how i read versions. and it makes total sense The reason behind it: Most of the time, you dont know, how many updates you need. Thats why you cant do something like: 1.01. In this case you only have 99 updates left until you need to go to 2.0. In my version, you can have as many updates as you like. Thats why 2 is in version the same as 20 and 200 and 2000. Easy
  10. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    there is no difference between x.2 and x.20 and x.200 and x.2000. If there is nothing behind a number, it always counts as 0. >.< But hey: at least im finished and now you can do it the what-ever-way But rather than arguing over perfect versioning, you should fix the problem with adding and removing objects. You also couldn't remove that "to-be-wolf" btw. That would be a bit more important, don't you think. Same problem goes for adding and removing unused rollerocoasters. It took me 5 hours just to add a hyper coaster. I also let a wolf do my taxes as well :>
  11. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    and when i had used 5.20, you would have said: 5.2 is correct. It starts to get boring ... Try another joke for once
  12. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    Yeah, that was the plan. But only if you all want a helix. I dont want to do this much work, just to throw it into the bin I'll show the 3D model as soon as i have some time to finish it. I was just lucky that i could work on this group park a bit more. One day earlier and i had to skip a turn. That was very well timed. ;D Ok im finished now: (Its also a very small generic-german-area). Good thing, you dont need custom scenary for german flags. Haha! I didn't import any more objects in this turn. Now im Finished... For the monorail helix, i dont need actually play the game. Just give you the object... Have fun everyone Claimed: Queue:@UTMAN , SpiffyJack, giraty, RedScope53, YoloSweggLord, Tune, Broxzier, JochemMissed: jensj12, TCE, Cascadia Foxy The OpenRCT2 Group Park 5.2.sv6 See? I used an attachment and it only took 5 minutes to upload (instead of 10 secounds when i use my own server). Also: i nearly wrote 5.20, but that would be wrong again. Now it should be PERFECT. :>
  13. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    Main changes so far: (every time, i load the park, the custom sign is back in the object pool. Same goes for other scenary, that dissapears from the object pool, even if they are activated.) Rollercoaster finished and working: Sif - Artorias' Companion E: 8.84 (very high) I: 7.07 (high) N: 3.83 (medium) max speed 28.1ms-1 average speed 8.9ms-1 ride time 1min20secs ride length 952m max pos vert G's: 3.55g max neg vert G's: -1.64g max lat G's: 1.4g total airtime: 4.23 sec drops: 7 highest drop: 33m inversion: 1 i tried to kept it at a low profile after the secound drop, so that there could be a layout for another coaster, that went over the parking space. this is just an idea for someone else of you. I wont create another coaster in this area. it should work. Just try not to destroy too much scenary ^.^ Also: Changed the path at the water slide: I just want to avoid connections at exit-paths for now... Not sure, if i should start another project or end all of my turns. This would be a nice challenge to recreate... But first, i'll need to improve the scenary a bit. The divecoaster still dosn't look as it was planned.
  14. Foxbox

    Group Park 5

    Yes, but the slopes still looks unrealistic. And most monorails have helix parts as well. Actually, i have never seen a 30° slope on a monorail. The steepest slope i have seen was on the old monorail in Phantasialand (at the area were now Taron is located) with 10° slope out of a station. I know, its a limitation of RCT2. Thats why i ask, if we should use some extra track parts to make it look a bit better. We also could just wait till the end and use all remaining free object slots for stuff like this. Edit: I may need to change this path. Its was an Exit only path (as you see at the sign) to keep the traffic as low as possible in this area. (there are 2 path signs. The true "exit" sign, that blocks the peeps is invisible)
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