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  1. there is plenty of youtube videos showing off what people are doing in the alpha
  2. thanks it took me about two weeks to do.
  3. Here is the park finished. the first screen is the overall view. the second is the Asian area. the third is the Silver Castle area. the fourth is the Haunted Mansion. The last section is the Hogwarts Castle style are. Plus i will add a download of the park. This park uses custom scenery and expansion packs. Dream Land.sv6
  4. here is the first section done the first one is an overall view. the second one is the Bam Boo Schute log flume. the third one is the Lost River.
  5. Sorry i had to start a new park but just couldn't figure out where my other one was going. so here is my park i started instead of it. This first screen is of the entrance to the park this the pic of half of main street this is the other half of main street this the first part of the park i am working on it is the asian part of the park. the temple is gonna be the entrance to the main coaster in this area.
  6. daemond27

    New Park

    so how do you think this looks for the supports
  7. daemond27

    New Park

    ok thanks for the advise
  8. daemond27

    New Park

    Here is another update to the park these are screen shots of my main street. the first two are of onside finished and the second two are of the whole thing finished.
  9. So what do ya'll think about the new game coming in November. I seen a lot of videos on Youtube. Some of the stuff they are building in that game are very nice and it is still in alpha. But the graphics are really good and the amount of detail is crazy.
  10. Both parks look very nice and i agree with the desert are needing more colors.
  11. daemond27

    New Park

    I just started the red dragon territory the first thing i built was the red dragon coaster and the entrance to it and here it is. The only thing i need to add is the bushes and trees.
  12. daemond27

    New Park

    Finally half of the park is finished, just finished the second area of the park. the first screen is the overall view of the park. the second pic is from left to right is the food court, the entrance to the Castle Escape, and the third is the third entrance to the trams. the last screen is showing the layout of the Castle Escape.
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