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  1. Lots of underground work sometimes tough seeing proper perspective in the isometric...same old gripes i reckon. idea 1: toggle invisible footpaths, except the continuous path set being currently worked on. Story: I enabled underground view, hid rides, hid supports, hid footpaths, and relied on the occluded silhouette to construct my path, because had i not made paths invisible, I would have not seen the in-progress path area whatsoever. // initiate hidden paths function. // when [present path] being constructed, all continuous (adjacent) path planes in (x,y,z) toggled back from hiding. (maybe not any adjacent, but longitudinally adjacent. (so a transverse adjacent entrance queue remains hidden for e.g.)) It seems easy to code, because it's just a 6 or 4-sided true/false loop terminating upon all false return, and the functions to display and hide paths are already written. Idea 2: Might be out of rct2 scope to increase amount of view rotation angles, especially in the ZX and ZY planes, but what about orthographic projections? This is already done simplistically in plan view map, but without ability to toggle through depth layers, and orthographic side views would help perspective troubles and layer occlusions. Idea 3: A la carte object view toggle for when you need to hide only a small portion of objects to see what you're building, and actually require the remaining elements be visible. (kinda opposite of idea 1) BIG thank you to all folks coding up all the knick knacks we all longed for decades ago. The fastforward feature permits enhanced understanding how guests respond to ride and park parameters.
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