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That's a surprising twist.


Chris Sawyer: My "pet project" at the moment is an ambition to bring my old PC game RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 to modern mobile and tablet platforms - not an easy task given that the original game was written in low-level x86 assembler code which only works on the PC. But with the success of Transport Tycoon on mobile and with the experience and willingness of the small team from Origin8 to continue working for me it was looking a lot more feasible, so they're working with me to create a very faithful conversion of the original PC game.

Article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-03-03-a-big-interview-with-chris-sawyer-the-creator-of-rollercoaster-tycoon

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16 hours ago, imlegos said:

But i guess the question is how he is able to even do this, since Atari owns the rights to the RCT franchise...

Actually, Chris Sawyer owns the rights and Atari has a license to use the name to create and market games. So yes, he could.


And personally I would love to see it getting ported to mobile. I'm an iPhone user myself and I'm fairly sure that OpenRCT2 will never be able to be 'sold' on the apple appstore. On android, side loading would be possible but still. In other words: I'd defenitely buy it if it's under 9.99 :D 

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2 minutes ago, imlegos said:

The andriod version of ORCT2 would probably die as soon as RCT2M comes out. It's kinda pointless when Chris himself made an updated version to have essentially a bootleg still exist.

Probably the other way round if the official version doesn't have any extra functions...

I'd buy the one from Chris anyways to support him ^_^

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Exactly. Unless Chris Sawyer smashes in some awesome new features, I don't think it will catch up with OpenRCT2 quite as good. It will probably get more attention quicker, and when people learn there's an alternative with even more features the OpenRCT2 community will only grow.

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I hope it doesn't grow so much as to force Chris to make a public statement of sorts on OpenRCT2.

I know he is aware of OpenTTD's existence, and some say OpenTTD was what caused him to come back into the gaming scene with Transport Tycoon Deluxe Mobile.

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