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I don't really see the point in having a rank based on the amount of forum posts. You can see how many someone has right next to their name now.

Maybe it's better to make it dependent on karma instead?

Or, maybe, remove it altogether. But that's my opinion.

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2 hours ago, JarnoVgr said:

Removing the actual post count is fine with me. Hovering on someone's name will still show it.

However, I'm against removing the ranks. Maybe remove the title of the ranks put keep the dots/pips? It's still a good indicator if someone is an active forums user or someone new.

Removing the rank and keeping the dots would have my preference then, though I'm still not convinced it says that much. I have seen so many obnoxious long-time users on forums over the years.

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I'm personally not a fan of ranking systems based on how many posts a user has made. I feel like you can get the odd person who becomes obsessed with it and will try anything to get the highest no matter what. Is there any possibility for a custom title field for users? I feel those are more interesting since it gives the users themselves the chance to give themselves a title, even if it is silly.

Granted this only comes form my experience of the X360A forums which I hated because they gave an award to female members for being female. I'll not dwelve into this since it's offtopic, and there's way too much bad blood with that site.

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