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Compact Looping Coaster

Designed after Schwarzkopf's compact rides, this simple modification of the Looping Coaster replaces the chain lift with a tire lift, allowing curved lift hills for very compact designs. It should be simple to combine the Looping Coaster track sprites with the Junior Coaster's lift tires.


I know that I could probably pull this off by merging two coaster tracks, but I dislike this method due to the rides list becoming cluttered with nonexistent coasters.

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The spiral coaster is a Schwarzkopf Jet Star/Speedracer model. I think what OP is referring to is Schwarzkopf's travelling looping coasters that had a tire drive lift (Dreier Looping, Thriller, etc).

You could argue that this should be a separate ride type as there are some differences between the Schwarzkopf loopers that have tire drives and those that have a chain (such as a slightly larger track gauge and a different style of wheel assembly). However, the differences are too small to be noticed in game. I think it would be better to add a tire drive track element to the existing looping coaster (though this may require a new save format).

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On 22 februari 2019 at 17:22, NightHawk said:

Wich means it wont happen before around 2030.

That's a very optimistic estimate...

We expect to have the new save format implemented this year, but don't expect it to get rid of all limitations yet. Most importantly, roller coaster types will still be hardcoded in the first version (though we will be able to add new ones).

@X7123M3-256 Would adding a spiral lift hill to the Looping RC be sufficient? That could be done within the current limits, since it doesn't involve adding new track pieces.

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