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  1. Even if the new track pieces end up a tad bit wonky, it's ultimately a 2D game where suspension of disbelief is important. I really don't think anybody would mind a few visual oddities. It's already beyond what I expected to be possible as far as modding the game goes.
  2. Yeah, I'm kind of a sucker for the more obscure stuff, especially older examples like the first-ever looping coasters. There are even a few obscure thrill rides I know of at the Texas Renaissance Festival (near my home city). All of them are manually operated by staff members. There's a kids' jousting ride where opposing platforms have horse-shaped carts on single-rail tracks roll down a small slope, letting the kids whack at each other with foam lances before they hit a second slope and roll back to where staff members pull the carts back up the first slope. There's a spinning ride that gets manually wound up by cables attached to a tall pole. There are two different swing rides; one is a series of swings that are like smaller versions of the swinging ships in RCT, and the other is composed of long swinging benches. Heck, they even have an elephant riding area. Transportation around the park? You have your choice of horse-drawn carriages or rickshaws pulled along by beefy staff members. So much potential that I just geek out over all the time. ðŸĪŠ
  3. Hyped that these are slowly but surely becoming "official" features of OpenRCT2. 😁 A couple of brainstorms, mainly because I love vomiting ideas everywhere even though I know they're tons of work and obscure in many cases... 😐 Standard trains for Mine Ride - Mack also produces a more basic steel-coaster-type train for their powered roller coasters, seen on Arctic Blast at Hong Kong's Ocean Park. Diesel Roller Coaster - An extremely rare and simplistic coaster powered by a diesel engine fitted in the first car and controlled by a staff member in the front seat of the second car. The only remaining example that I'm aware of is Dragon at Jannat Al-Ahlam in Algeria. I imagine it would function like a Mine Ride, although the track structure is quite different.
  4. Just seems like there's never much activity here. I see maybe one new post every day. Am sad. ðŸ˜Ē
  5. Just something that I'd like to return to RCT2; some of the train types from RCT1. Granted, they're a bit lower in detail and don't look right on certain track pieces, but it's for the sake of nostalgia. Classic Mini Coaster Ladybird and Spinning trains. Original Looping Coaster trains. Original Wooden Coaster trains.
  6. Cool, fixed it. Cost $6 and something but worth it. 😁
  7. I notice in the changelog that it says terrain from RCT1 has been added, however it's not showing up in my OpenRCT2 installation. The only RCT1 content showing up is the "Classic Mini Coaster." Do I actually need to have RCT1 installed for its content to show up in OpenRCT2?
  8. The more progress I see on these, the more I think they should be an integral part of OpenRCT2, if only to simplify park sharing compatibility. They're just that good. 😁 Will the Intamin steel coaster have access to vertical chain lifts like Fahrenheit?
  9. The last update seems to have bugged the OpenRCT2 launcher. It says "unable to launch game," and when it first occurred, Windows Security wigged out and gave me two trojan warnings, one wacatac and one conteban. EDIT: Now the launcher won't update or let me play the game. The "play" button is grayed out.
  10. We do have a few in-game track types that look almost identical with a couple of very minor differences, namely the Junior and Mini coasters. I'd say that the near-identical appearances of Giga and Intamin Launch coaster tracks aren't that big of a deal, and I'd love to have a separate inverting coaster dedicated to the Intamin and Mack designs. I honestly think you should be an official developer for the mod. You have a LOT of very good things to add.
  11. There are a few S&S launch coasters that resemble the LIM launch coaster, but have a look at rides like Extreme Rusher: This is also an S&S launch, and the wide-car Hyper-Twister bears the closest resemblance. The track seems to combine the size of the B&M track with the tubular design of the Premier LIM coaster track.
  12. This is a very minor thing I noticed. The Hyper-Twister doesn't have access to the Booster track piece even though it's perfectly compatible and perfect for S&S launch coaster recreations. I can bypass this by using cheats, but it gets a little bit tedious when I have to open a scenario, enable it, leave that scenario, and then return to the track designer.
  13. I focused on more modern layouts like Extreme Rusher as opposed to early prototypes like Hypersonic XLC. I think it turned out quite good; nice and compact with good ratings. Hypercell.td6
  14. In memory of one of the most unique Intamin roller coasters ever built. This recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Flashback" is far more accurate than the version already provided in the game. Good excitement with moderate intensity and nausea ratings. Flashback 2.td6
  15. When I try to open the track designer, the menu has a few images but no buttons. Also, when I move the screen across the map, it glitches out.
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