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  1. The more progress I see on these, the more I think they should be an integral part of OpenRCT2, if only to simplify park sharing compatibility. They're just that good. 😁 Will the Intamin steel coaster have access to vertical chain lifts like Fahrenheit?
  2. The last update seems to have bugged the OpenRCT2 launcher. It says "unable to launch game," and when it first occurred, Windows Security wigged out and gave me two trojan warnings, one wacatac and one conteban. EDIT: Now the launcher won't update or let me play the game. The "play" button is grayed out.
  3. We do have a few in-game track types that look almost identical with a couple of very minor differences, namely the Junior and Mini coasters. I'd say that the near-identical appearances of Giga and Intamin Launch coaster tracks aren't that big of a deal, and I'd love to have a separate inverting coaster dedicated to the Intamin and Mack designs. I honestly think you should be an official developer for the mod. You have a LOT of very good things to add.
  4. There are a few S&S launch coasters that resemble the LIM launch coaster, but have a look at rides like Extreme Rusher: This is also an S&S launch, and the wide-car Hyper-Twister bears the closest resemblance. The track seems to combine the size of the B&M track with the tubular design of the Premier LIM coaster track.
  5. This is a very minor thing I noticed. The Hyper-Twister doesn't have access to the Booster track piece even though it's perfectly compatible and perfect for S&S launch coaster recreations. I can bypass this by using cheats, but it gets a little bit tedious when I have to open a scenario, enable it, leave that scenario, and then return to the track designer.
  6. I focused on more modern layouts like Extreme Rusher as opposed to early prototypes like Hypersonic XLC. I think it turned out quite good; nice and compact with good ratings. Hypercell.td6
  7. In memory of one of the most unique Intamin roller coasters ever built. This recreation of Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Flashback" is far more accurate than the version already provided in the game. Good excitement with moderate intensity and nausea ratings. Flashback 2.td6
  8. When I try to open the track designer, the menu has a few images but no buttons. Also, when I move the screen across the map, it glitches out.
  9. Have you thought of adding S&S and Togo coaster types? You could combine Looping Coaster and LIM Launch Coaster tracks for S&S and then just add a Togo train type for the Stand-Up Coaster.
  10. "Tri-G" is designed with authenticity in mind, closely resembling classic portable Schwarzkopf loopers with elements of Olympia Looping, Teststrecke, and Alpina Bahn rolled into one package. Despite its compact size and very squared structure, it packs a lot of excitement in a smooth and realistic layout. Tri-G.td6
  11. Compact Looping Coaster Designed after Schwarzkopf's compact rides, this simple modification of the Looping Coaster replaces the chain lift with a tire lift, allowing curved lift hills for very compact designs. It should be simple to combine the Looping Coaster track sprites with the Junior Coaster's lift tires. I know that I could probably pull this off by merging two coaster tracks, but I dislike this method due to the rides list becoming cluttered with nonexistent coasters.
  12. Some track sprites on the twisted steel coaster won't load, and when I try to build them, it says "undefined string." I haven't fully explored the issue, so I'm not sure if it's an issue with more than just the twisted steel coaster.
  13. Just noticed that the version has been updated to 0.2. Anybody know what's new?
  14. Ah okay... Guess I should've remembered that...
  15. RCT Classic claims to combine the best aspects of both RCT and RCT2. I have RCT2 and the mod right now. If I were to also download RCT, would the mod do the same thing of carrying features from RCT over to RCT2?
  16. Well, poo... I need to brute-force my way into the code and figure out if I have any fathomable chance of making something work.
  17. Track merging is a pain in the rear for me since it keeps bugging out and clutters the rides list with nonexistent coasters. Here's a new cheat idea: Track "Painting." This tool would allow the player to "paint" a different track sprite over those pesky invisible tracks after Arbitrary Ride Changes. Invisible vertical climb? paint it with the LIM coaster track. No barrel roll? Paint the Twister coaster over it.
  18. I do have the Mack Mega downloaded. What I had in mind was integrating the rides into the OpenRCT2 mod itself so that they don't have to be separate downloads. Can I have a link to the catwalks and supports? And is there a mod that contains scenery items that look like coaster tracks so that I don't have to clutter the rides list of a park with nonexistent coasters?
  19. Integration of X7123M3-256's custom coasters Obviously, this would require communication between the OpenRCT2 developers and X7123etc... Addition of track sprites not shared between coasters This is one of the issues with the custom coasters mentioned above. The coasters that should have vertical slopes and inversions simply don't, and the stock coasters (especially the wooden coasters) could really benefit from those smooth steep-to-horizontal transitions. Corkscrew coasters could also use banked sloped curves and the like. Addition of new track sprites altog
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