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"Undefined String" Issue

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I have the same problem with prebuilt Vertical Drop Coasters I can't load any of them.


I think it has to do with special pieces like loops, corkscrews banked hills etc as well as large curved hills (somehow the small curve works also the small banked hill works) I tried building all of those and I can't


I messaged one of the mods just now hope he sees the message.


I just tried using the stable build and I had the same problem Idk if it was because AVG fliped when i chose Stable build or not but, I think it might also affect the stable build. 

also, want to say AVG always says something about openrct2 being a "rare file" or something about it being "Dangerous" and sometimes deletes the file I can't get it to stop doing this can someone help me?

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Mine's just updated and on a multiplayer server it didn't give the "undefined string" message, but when I tried to place certain pieces (the ones affected by this bug), they wouldn't place. Trying to switch part resulted in the track builder window not showing any part preview image, but it reverted to normal when I right clicked on another track piece.

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