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  1. Running Linux. Installed the OpenRCT2 update this morning. Now, on the air powered coaster, it appears that pieces of track are missing. The ride operates just fine, just looks weird. Screen shot attached.
  2. Is your queue line too long? You can go into the ride and change the amount of time that the next boat has to wait. Make sure that there is no max time set: leave that unchecked. You can add more boats: 15 is the default, but you can raise that by going into the cheats and raising it up to 31. Making your station longer will allow more boats to work more comfortably. Usually, I have my wait time at about 5 or 6 seconds. If the boats are getting lined up in the station while the ride is operating, decrease the wait time. I usually shoot for no more than 2 or 3 boats waiting.
  3. Yep: same thing here. At least I now know that it wasn't just a crash on my end. I hope they get it fixed soon.....I miss playing it!
  4. No thoughts? I am the only one having the problem? Do I just need to reinstall everything?
  5. Was fine before latest update. Now, main screen comes up fine. But, when choosing any game, new or saved, the game opens on top of the main screen: the main screen never leaves. The new screen is superimposed on the start screen. This is running on Linux.
  6. Using Ubuntu 18.04 and cannot find where the game files are on the hard drive. I really want to back up everything, but cannot find them.
  7. Update: After saving the game and exiting and going back into the game, I was able to open the ride. Not sure what was going on.
  8. Got that error today: never saw or heard of that one before. Any thoughts?
  9. Windows IS a virus. Avast seems to work much better.
  10. Same problem here, but I assumed that I am using the stable build since I never did anything but install the program. I never opted for any beta version that I am aware of.
  11. Thanks! As someone who has been playing this game since it came out, you have NO idea how much I appreciate the work you folks have put into this!
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