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  1. just got the most up to date developer version and it's still broken. the exact version is: vO.2.1-454 (38b26eO on Develop)
  2. question, can I get a download for the custom track? anyway, how do you make custom tracks?
  3. tried updating the game still won't save. and when I switched to stable I couldn't load the autosave with the files
  4. I just made a scenario and when I tried to save it, the save failed but when I checked the scenario folder the scenario was saved! when I tried to load it though it didn't work and it sent me back to the main menu. is there any way to save the file? I was able to load the autosave and everything was there but, all it made when I saved it was more broken files. Error Message: Save Scenario Scenario save Failed! Schmutzig Clearing.sc6
  5. Noticed the this happens whenever I open any of the ride menus otherwise it's working fine
  6. I know about that but, I think someone could make sprites that the developers could add-in in the next update. I would make them myself but I don't have any experience making sprites.
  7. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but, I was just making a scenario I just finished picking all the coaster types I needed and went on to pick other objects. when I clicked on the other sections there was nothing there. the only way I was able to see other things was by closing reopening the menu. but when I did this I was only able to see the section of objects the menu opened on. I'm using the most up to date developer version btw. also noticed the search bar would always have a question mark whenever I opened a new section.
  8. I honestly think the Giga coaster could use inversions. sure you can use track merging but, isn't the same as using track pieces that fit the track type. of course, no one has to go ahead and do this, I just think it's a cool idea.
  9. Whenever I make a new scenario my game crashes. the file is still saved and useable but, the game just crashes. I'm using the latest developer version.
  10. I was making a scenario using the editor and claimed some land I didn't want to claim for the park is there a way to make it so you no longer own it?
  11. looks great just wish I could download them all at once
  12. Yea I guess after all AVG is trash. it called a file that comes with windows 10 a "virus".
  13. I don't know why but AVG won't stop sending openrct2 related files to quarantine or deleting them or calling them "dangerous" or saying that these files are "rare" I can't get it to stop even if I add the openrct2 folder to the "exceptions list" it will continue to do this crap I need help.
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