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  1. I'm getting the same error message, along with another problem. Some pre-built rides do not register when I try to place them due to "undefined string". I'm assuming this is the same issue but we're all waiting for a fix here.
  2. A few months ago, scenery cluster became unavailable to any player in Multiplayer. Would definitely like to see that come back.
  3. Hi everyone! I realized I haven't promoted my server(s) yet. So here comes my shameless plug. I am the founder of a server called RCT1 Co-op w/ wingnut707, and am currently running a contest there. It's a lot of fun--we try to complete as many original RCT scenarios as we can. Here is a link to its Discord: https://discord.gg/jz9w4Fk EDIT: This server has been taken down now that GTW's server is running 24/7. Unfortunately, I can't get my server up too often, so there is another server just like this that I co-founded with @GTW1226 called GTW's Nostalgia Server. It is up MUCH more o
  4. Hey guys, I'm wingnut707. I've been playing ORCT2 for a while now (about a year to this day), but never thought about posting on the forums. I grew up playing the original RCT. Of course, I was horrible at it, but what did you expect? I loved every bit of that game, especially the intro. I get flashbacks to the early years when I hear the music. So, years go by and RCT had not been touched in years. Then, in 2015, while I was digging through storage, I found the old CD-rom hiding in there. I wondered to myself, Gee, would this work on my Mac? It's been so long. So I downloaded Wine, and s
  5. This park is so good, my computer can't even run it at full speed!
  6. I have RCT.EXE downloaded on my Mac, but when I open "Path to RCT1 installation, RCT.EXE is unclickable. Why? I'd love to have the RCT1 opening music and theme on there.
  7. I downloaded RCT1, and the file is called RCT.EXE. It isn't playing on OpenRCT2. Where do I need to put the file? (I am on OS X Sierra.)
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