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EDIT: Download link for finished park: https://openrct2.org/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6564

EDIT 2: Showcase video can be found in latest post! (just scroll down a little bit!)

It is time for a new project! Since I like to do unique parks, I have decided to do one in a postapocalyptic setting. This will be my first solo project to feature custom scenery objects. I keep them to a minimum though, as for now it is just some paths that look better in this theme, and an invisible park entrance.

Here's the park description:


So yeah, WW3, Earth destroyed, some survivors, yada yada yada :P 
Anyway, here's what I made so far:

The idea is to give the park a big sort of wall / fence, with a small army of security guys on top (to protect against any low-life scum). I will try to make all attractions look like they have been crudely put together with some scavenged materials.


This is the entrance. No, that sign was meant to be like that :P Security patrols around the entrance to look for any suspicious behaviour.


Some makeshift buildings which are only accessible by the security team and the start of a miniature railway. Guests will enter the park from a building that's still to be made.


The first rollercoaster of the park! A standard boomerang, which has been merged with a mine train coaster to give it a more crude look. It still requires a name, a building, a paint job, and maybe another type of train (or mixed cars).

That's it for now! Here's the save: Postapocalyptia 01.sv6


Here's my previous projects:

The great circle:

Space base:

Error - Park name not fou:



Postapocalyptia 04.sv6

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Second day of working on this!


I added a new attraction, and rerouted the railway a bit. Also made some new buildings and added some pipes to the water. Also added some brown grass patches around the park.


First, the new attraction. It's a junior coaster that still needs a name. I merged it with some mine train track and gave it mine train vehicles because I like them on a junior coaster :) Building still to be made. Next to the coaster is a watch tower for the security guys.


Here you can see the junior coaster from another angle. You can also see some new buildings that I made, including the building through which peeps enter and exit the building. Once again there is a path on top for patrolling security. Another thing you can see here is the minitiature train which passes through the entire park. If you look closely you may notice something weird about the cars ;)


And finally, here's a shot of the boomerang coaster which was named 'Victory'. I built a nice building around it and recolored the trains. I still think they look a bit too modern, so I'll probably still mess with those a bit. It should probably be a bit shorter and maybe i'll make a missing car in between. :P

That was it for now!

Here's the save: Postapocalyptia 02.sv6

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And another update!

5a6d196a2be8a_Postapocalyptia2018-01-2801-19-17.thumb.png.d944e2535e16d4a97e9e6723daee1728.pngIt's starrting to look more and more like a stronghold! Hence i named the wooden roller coaster of which most wall pieces consist "Impenetrable wall":P.


The most obvious new attraction that was added was this splash boats ride. It's very popular with the guests, even though the water might be slightly radioactive. Guests get a free geiger counter whenever they ride this. Also, on this screenshot you see the station for patriot patrol, a big foot ride (which i sped up a lot) which patrols around the park for any suspicious behaviour.


Here you can see one of the monster trucks in action :D


I finally added some food & drink shops to the park. Security again patrols the top of this building.


Finaly, i gave the junior coaster a more compact layout. After that i placed Wonder Wheel, an ordinary ferris wheel.

That was it for today! Here's the save: Postapocalyptia 03.sv6

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It's time for the final update! The park is complete!

Again, I'll start with the story and objective of the park:


Here's the overview of the park.  Also note the year. :D Basically it's a big walled park with lots of security walking around on the wall and on several watch towers, in a postapocalyptic setting. I took lots of inspiration from games like Fallout.


The entrance of the park. Guests will have to go through a strict security checkup in order to be allowed to enter the park.


Here you can see one of the park's rollercoasters, called Iron Fist. It's a merge between a mine train and a junior roller coaster. Also visible are the ferris wheel and the launched freefall named World Domination.


Here you can see kart track, which is mostly off-road. Also visible is a building where guests can buy slightly radioactive drinks, questionable sausages and dirty shirts. You can also find the most dirty toilets you will ever see here.


In this picture you can see the splash boats ride named Geiger Splash. Everyone who rides this gets a free geiger counter. Watch the counter go berserk while you ride it! Also visible are Tomahawk and Bravery, a swinging ship and a Top Spin.


Here you can see the piping system that brings water of... questionable quality to the park.


Here you can see Glorious Victory, a boomerang roller coaster which has been partly fixed using a mine train track. Also visible is the Raider Railroad, with its mixed trains.


In this screenshot you can see the station of Patriot Patrol (partly obscured by the Freefall tower). Guests can use the provided Monster trucks to drive around the park and watch for any suspicious activity. The guests travel to the outer of the park using an underground tunnel.


Here you can see one of the trucks in action:


And another shot, next to Raider Railroad.


That was the last screenshot! This park is now completed!

I can recommend to download the save and actually take a look. The park looks best when RCT1 style edges are enabled.

Postapocalyptia 04.sv6

Postapocalyptia 05.sv6


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Silently uploading a new version..
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One thing: for the date going from year 12 to year 2058 one has to run the park for 85 days 6 hours non-stop (assuming normal speed). Only 17 hours have passed since the last update, so the date should be at most year 17 (assuming average playing time).

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Just now, Leudimin said:

One thing: for the date going from year 12 to year 2058 one has to run the park for 85 days 6 hours non-stop. Only 17 hours have passed since the last update, so the date should be at most year 17 (assuming average playing and normal speed).

Or you hold this button for a few minutes:


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1 hour ago, Leudimin said:

I haven't updated OpenRCT2 yet as the network version hasn't changed since three weeks ago, so I don't have that cheat yet. I'll be setting back to the "correct" game date when the network version changes.

Look, you can do whatever you want to the save game. You can turn all coasters into looping extravaganzas, you can crash all rides, change the date, no-one cares! It may not be obvious to you but i set the date so it looks like the park is at a year in the distant future, just after WW3.

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3 hours ago, Leudimin said:

Because I don't have the launcher. BTW, I said that and in less than a hour the network version gets updated, LOL.

Even without the launcher you can update whenever you choose to - the binaries are rebuilt automatically whenever changes are committed to develop, so they should always be the latest version.

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17 hours ago, Broxzier said:

This topic is about the park, not about the new set-date feature or version differences. Let's keep this on-topic please.


1 hour ago, giraty said:

Another nice idea park from Doorknob  :D Next time he'll build a suspended park....

I was more thinking of an underwater park :P

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