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Error: Park name not fou


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This is a rather.. unique park, that i created in a few days. Check the screenshots below to get an idea of what you can find in the park. The park is best experienced while it's moving though! I have hidden some surprises in the park that I will not spoil here, and that cannot be seen in the screenshots :D The park can be downloaded here: Error - Park name not fou.sv6

No spoilers in the comments please. Saying holy sh*t is allowed though :D


Just an ordinary steam train.


Just an ordinary ferris wheel.. Or is it?


An ordinary log flume.


An ordinary Junior coaster, and an ordinary gentle ride on the left.


Some ordinary rowing boats.


An ordinary boomerang roller coaster with a perfectly normal train.

Check the park out here: Error - Park name not fou.sv6

EDIT: Really, don't just look at the screenshots. Play the park. By looking at the screenshots, you'll only get a small part of the experience this park offers :D

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