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Save grouped scenery for future use, automated server reset after crash, and misc requests

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1. It would just be super easy to create nice looking parks if we were given the ability to save grouped scenery. Similar to the track saving tool but just for scenery. Basically, I would create a little shed using wooden walls, roofs, windows, floors, etc, and save all of that together in one group so I can easily duplicate the house without having to rebuild it from scratch every time.

2. If a server crashes, it can be set to automatically reset to the last autosave. (yes, I have cheats enabled, but the kinds of players who join my servers enjoy having those enabled.)

Miscellaneous requests.

1. Add extra moderation settings like, permission to use the mountain tool, and permission to use very large brush sizes (more than the default 7x7 square).

2. Building space claiming for individual users.

  • Admin can then set the maximum amount of space a user can claim as their own (40x50 or 2000 squares for example), this would be like purchasing land.
  • The admin themselves can claim their own land (central walking area, the entrance).
  • Also, the admin can then set neutral areas that cannot be claimed, and that anyone can build on it.
  • Underground building by other users under owned land can be set.
  • The admin can the maximum number of unique plots (so users can't spam 1x1 squares everywhere making it harder for other users to build.
  • Admins can set build claiming on or off.

3. Ride ownership and the moderation setting to be able to delete owned rides.

4. Moderation setting to allow loading saved tracks and scenery groups (as mentioned above).

5. The shovel tool is ripe for abuse, admins can set an amount of cash dedicated to the shovel tool for each individual user.

- - - -

And yes, I understand that these are lot of requests and all may not be implemented, and some may be unfeasible.

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Saving scenery has been requested many times and will, at some point, be added to the game. Don't expect it soon.

If a server crashes, the game no longer runs. It's up to the user to start a new instance of the game after the crash.

If you really want something to be added to the game, code it yourself and submit a pull request. Moderation settings are possibly the easiest of those to implement.

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3 hours ago, AirplaneRandy said:

Building space claiming for individual users.

This cannot be done without a new save format.


3 hours ago, AirplaneRandy said:

Moderation setting to allow loading saved tracks

Loading saved tracks is not supported in multiplayer, so there's not much point having a moderation setting for it.

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2 hours ago, jensj12 said:

code it yourself

Hey, just mentioning things for the developers to keep in the back of their mind. I understand how these things always play out. No need to tell me to do something that I can't do.

1 hour ago, X7123M3-256 said:

Loading saved tracks is not supported in multiplayer, so there's not much point having a moderation setting for it.

It's a nod towards implementing the ability to load tracks in multiplayer. Again if it's not possible, then it's not possible, that's why it's in the miscellaneous suggestions section.

36 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

This could be achieved with the plugin system, but neither will be around very soon.

Thanks. You get it man, I'm not asking for anything to be rushed on my behalf. Just posting ideas that the devs might be interested in in the future.

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@AirplaneRandy there is a round-a-bout way of save a previously built structure. Select car ride and build a car ride around the outside of the building. Test drive it using 1 car then save the ride with scenery and select any scenery you wish to keep including surrounding items. Give it a name then when you need in the future, place the ride and then delete the track.

I have built about a dozen different flat ride covers of different sizes and shapes.597150de54196_279A-EaglePointPark2017-07-2019-51-45.thumb.png.a0a5fc1f59259d2a8fb3a9f4604ff351.png

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