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  1. I asked about this problem on reddit and a friendly fellow was able to pull it off in powershell. Developers, I strongly recommend you guys add this information to the multiplayer help page on github. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Multiplayer https://old.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/h02rvn/i_got_a_bat_file_that_opens_up_a_dedicated_server/ $lastwritten = Get-ChildItem -path C:\Users\Atlas\Documents\OpenRCT2\save\autosave | Sort-Object LastWriteTime | Select-Object -last 1 & 'C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2\openrct2' host "C:\Users\Atlas\Documents\OpenRCT2\save\autosave\$lastwritten" --port 11755 --headless
  2. Okay, I've been doing some googling and I was able to find this piece of code, but I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to utilize it in the .bat file for starting a dedicated server in command. ./openrct2 $(ls -t1 | head -n 1) or ls -1 autosave*sv6 | tail -n 1 They are from these two threads; https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/4152 https://www.reddit.com/r/openrct2/comments/6q81jy/how_do_i_enable_autosaves_on_a_headless_dedicated/ What exactly should I write in my .bat file to allow it to open up the latest autosave. This is what my .bat file currently looks like. cd C:\Program Files\OpenRCT2 openrct2 host C:\Users\Atlas\Documents\OpenRCT2\save\onlinev1.sv6 --port 11755 --headless - - - - - - Windows 10 Running Release Build of OpenRCT2 0.2.6 (6c3c857)
  3. A difficult solution would be to draw another map behind the park.
  4. lol, I remember repeatably clicking that follow button when I was little.
  5. Hah, for me, black has to be absolutely black for it to be black. Everything between black and white, I consider to be a shade of grey. Edit: Added the black/grey in question for sake of discussion.
  6. AirplaneRandy


    The image attached to this post should explain it very quickly. I'm tired of seeing that dull grey background when I'm near at the edge of my park, it's just so sad and depressing seeing a dark void surround my park. My idea is that the user can change the background. And how this is implemented is entirely up to the OpenRCT2 programmers. Some suggestions include: The background moves with the park as the player scrolls (aka parallax scrolling) Dynamic backgrounds that change with the time of day Dynamic backgrounds that change seasons based on how much of a certain terrain is on the map (if the park is mostly covered in snow, it'll change to a snow theme background) Other options include the ability to set custom images as background, perhaps this could be useful for server hosts who want to add some flair to their server. The background zooms dynamically (gets bigger when you zoom out) users can simply change the color of the background Just a reminder, I'm very aware of the ol' "not everything can be added or that I should code it myself". Do not post that passive aggressive stuff here. Also, the image is just a quick mockup.
  7. Cross section view ala Dwarf Fortress. A special mode that'll let the player view everything at a certain layer and below it. Hills would be cut away as if the shovel tool was used to flatten them revealing underground objects. I can totally see this being implemented 5 years from now ;^)
  8. Hey, just mentioning things for the developers to keep in the back of their mind. I understand how these things always play out. No need to tell me to do something that I can't do. It's a nod towards implementing the ability to load tracks in multiplayer. Again if it's not possible, then it's not possible, that's why it's in the miscellaneous suggestions section. Thanks. You get it man, I'm not asking for anything to be rushed on my behalf. Just posting ideas that the devs might be interested in in the future.
  9. How about not editing the world sprites, and only changing the faces, They can still have short hair, but the faces themselves would be feminine looking. It's jarring to see a Samantha T. with a male face. Though, I have to say, those faces are pretty iconic.
  10. 1. It would just be super easy to create nice looking parks if we were given the ability to save grouped scenery. Similar to the track saving tool but just for scenery. Basically, I would create a little shed using wooden walls, roofs, windows, floors, etc, and save all of that together in one group so I can easily duplicate the house without having to rebuild it from scratch every time. 2. If a server crashes, it can be set to automatically reset to the last autosave. (yes, I have cheats enabled, but the kinds of players who join my servers enjoy having those enabled.) Miscellaneous requests. 1. Add extra moderation settings like, permission to use the mountain tool, and permission to use very large brush sizes (more than the default 7x7 square). 2. Building space claiming for individual users. Admin can then set the maximum amount of space a user can claim as their own (40x50 or 2000 squares for example), this would be like purchasing land. The admin themselves can claim their own land (central walking area, the entrance). Also, the admin can then set neutral areas that cannot be claimed, and that anyone can build on it. Underground building by other users under owned land can be set. The admin can the maximum number of unique plots (so users can't spam 1x1 squares everywhere making it harder for other users to build. Admins can set build claiming on or off. 3. Ride ownership and the moderation setting to be able to delete owned rides. 4. Moderation setting to allow loading saved tracks and scenery groups (as mentioned above). 5. The shovel tool is ripe for abuse, admins can set an amount of cash dedicated to the shovel tool for each individual user. - - - - And yes, I understand that these are lot of requests and all may not be implemented, and some may be unfeasible.
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