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Ulitmate rct2

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Sounds like they mean a completely new project, and "to learn code" suggests Keithybub doesn't have much experience with programming yet, so I'm afraid this new project will be a waste of time really. Why not try to contribute to OpenRCT2 instead, and learn how to code better that way?

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If you do not yet know what you intend to implement, why are you so sure that you want to start a separate project? If you decide to start from scratch you're in for a lot of work. Of course, there are situations in which that's something you'd want to do, but I would expect to have a good idea of what I'm trying to implement before deciding the best way to implement it.

Even if you're set on starting an independent project, I'd suggest you could benefit from contributing to OpenRCT2 (or FreeRCT) anyway, because as a beginner programmer you're unlikely to be able to implement a complete game on this scale right away, and working with the existing codebase will help you gain familiarity with how a game like this goes together.

Also, remember that OpenRCT2 will be getting a new save format in future and then some of the restrictions we have now will be lifted.

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I'd suggest actually starting on the project before asking for contributors - I don't think people are likely to want to contribute to a project that doesn't look like it's going to go anywhere, especially when you've explained nothing of what you're trying to achieve or why you're doing it.

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