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  1. Problem is fixed now, feel free to close this topic
  2. Yes, since build cb283819900b6ce380a154b9b8b4ed1d6615878f I believe (Or earlier, not sure)
  3. Upgraded to latest version, and this is happening to the Wild Mouse and River Rapids... No cheats were used in these rides. Edit: This is actually happening on nearly all rides.
  4. This has been my desktop for quite a while now, lel.
  5. Oh, this guy... You can whitelist your server by simply clicking the multiplayer button (Next to the save icon), then settings. Then check Block Unknown Players. Then that shall do.
  6. Another annoying crash to encounter, I've been experiencing problems with the game crashing in the title screen ever since the latest build has been released. I'm currently using an older build from two days ago, and the game is now fine. Edit: It seems as if every time that Monorail hits that turn, the game decides to crash. Dump files and image: c8615b3e-7353-437e-813a-ef5863fd1604(8cdfbf0).dmp c8615b3e-7353-437e-813a-ef5863fd1604.sv6
  7. 3449dff1-82d9-413d-bd67-aa9de13ef827(a8a4c0d).dmp 3449dff1-82d9-413d-bd67-aa9de13ef827.sv6
  8. This is yet another problem with the object selection tool. Whenever I select certain coasters (like the Steel Twister Coaster), close the object selection window, then I get this. This also looks like a new type of crash I'm getting. This occurs in all of my save files, not just this one I'm currently playing.
  9. How long has he been around? A long time, I'm guessing?
  10. Hello, and I'm just pissed at the moment. All of these servers I enjoy and go on everyday are being ruined by this one troller with the username "Nicman". He's been causing major problems to servers, such as spamming (Joining and leaving with a dirty name), as well as greifing Free4All servers. And we are hopeless on stopping this guy, as we can't kick or mute him, unless we put the server on password only. But putting it on password only will prevent others from joining, making the server boring. In any case, is there a way to stop this? I'm losing it. Edit: I did find that he's been faking names, crashing servers by spamming (Joining and leaving, as usual.), and other players are getting pissed and blaming me and others for the incident.
  11. I'm using 32 bit (x86), and even if I don't select anything, it would still crash.
  12. Hi, I've been playing in my scenario, and wanted to select different rides from the object selection, and after closing it, the game crashes. I've tried selecting different rides, and does the same thing. Here's a screenshot and dump files: (Sorry if I'm not informative enough, I'm new to forums. :P) Edit: I've tried doing this in other scenarios, and still does the same thing. 9b935675-2909-42d6-aa45-1d98cbfc6e72(2d55356).dmp 9b935675-2909-42d6-aa45-1d98cbfc6e72.sv6
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