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adding female park visitors


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It just came to my mind that it might be a great addition to visually distiguish female park visitors from male park visitors, making your overall crowd of people look a bit more diverse. You'd only have to add long hair to their character in a random color (black, blond, brown, maybe even red?). I saw a post of a user on how he dislikes RCT2 and likes RCT3 because the visitors in RCT3 are more diverse. This change could spice things up a little bit. I dont know if it's actually possible to make but still, i think it would be a great addition to RCT2.

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54 minutes ago, CoolKnightST said:

I don't think it's a good idea, than the game will crash faster when you have to much visitors.

How would this make it crash faster? It's not like you're doubling the amount of sprites for each peep, you're only doubling the amount of sprites that the peep sprite is chosen from. This shouldn't have any effect on game performance.

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How about not editing the world sprites, and only changing the faces, They can still have short hair, but the faces themselves would be feminine looking. It's jarring to see a Samantha T. with a male face.

Though, I have to say, those faces are pretty iconic.


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The issue with implementation, as i see it, is one of needing to make a new data type for gender in each guest object, but, this is not possible while maintaining compatability with the original rct2, otherwise, it would have to be a glitchy name based system, not particularly useful, so, they are probably just going to stay as henchpeople of indeterminate gender.


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