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3 hours ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

eat up all their time and money

Not much time/money would be spent as people could work on it a bit as they please, but, RCT2 is easier to convert into a new format as it's much smaller in scale and written in a 'translatable' language

Still, there is no plans by Intelorca for this right now if not others will do it instead, like Krutonium said in a reddit post


Your best bet is to get the ball rolling yourself - Learn Assembly, and C/C++, start, put it on GitHub, and announce it in SimCity related subreddits. That's how IntelOrca did OpenRCT2.


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I bought RCT3 when it came out. I thought it would be a expanded version of RCT2, sort of like RCT2 was to RCT1. Boy was I not a happy camper. The thought of basically re-learning everything had learned stopped me in my tracks. Some of the features were pretty cool like riding your own creations. I think I messed with it maybe? three times and returned to RCT2 and started downloading others' scenarios and learning how to expand my RCT2 abilities in constructing parks.

Think how much RCT2 is out there both from the standpoint of those of us addicted to this game, all of the many and diverse parks that have been created and the thousands of rides and scenery pieces that have been created by hundreds of very talented players not to mention the considerable work already done by the devs (kudos to them) on ORCT2 and the future possibilities of this game, why would you want to dump it and start over.

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55 minutes ago, imlegos said:

Cheats are generally inputed using some secrect, removing clearance in rct3 is done by modifying a peice of code

If cheats have to be activated by entering a cheat code, I suppose the OpenRCT2 cheats don't count either?

56 minutes ago, imlegos said:

removing clearance in rct3 is done by modifying a peice of code

No it isn't. It's built into the game and can be enabled via a configuration file. There's no need to patch the code (actually, I can't think of any cheats for either game that required this, except for that April Fools joke someone on NE did).

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In my opinion, I feel like RCT2 as well as RCT Deluxe offer a much more advanced economic system than RCT3.  RCT3 was more of a sandbox type game, whereas in RCT2, the scenarios were more economically based. That's what I like more about RCT2.  Also the scenery looks much more well done when you are finished in RCT2.  Just my opinion.

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I'd second the "RCT2 looks better then RCT3" opinion, just look at Flux's work, both Fluxpark (TTP only) and Westwood Resort (NEDCS WB) look miles better then either Palm Spring resort or the industrial one (Can't remember the name), and both used pretty much just custom objects.

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