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Some track designs


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I thought I'd upload these track designs I made. They're quite old, actually, but I had not posted them here (I think I've uploaded them somewhere before but not sure exactly where). They are not all intended to be realistic, though some are, and they are primarily intended for use in pay-per-ride scenarios so they are optimized for capacity (except for Tailslide, Insectivore, Alternator, and Woodcutter - these have abysmal capacity). They are all NCSO.

Sandbox 2016-11-21 16-56-29.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 16-57-26.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 16-59-22.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-00-14.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-01-27.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-05-29.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-06-42.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-07-55.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-08-51.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-09-31.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-11-23.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-12-13.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-12-56.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-13-57.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-14-42.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-17-01.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-17-39.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-18-26.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-19-09.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-19-30.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-19-53.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-20-56.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-21-56.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-23-16.pngSandbox 2016-11-21 17-23-55.png


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I've always loved your building style, but some of these seem a bit... odd. Especially the ones heavily themed with the abstract scenery objects. They seem to go well with the default track designs, though. They seem pretty well suited for scenarios, but as someone who doesn't play objective scenarios, I can't see myself using them anytime soon.

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These are certainly not the sort of thing I tend to build today - they were all made before OpenRCT2 was a thing. Honestly there's only a few I'm really happy with still.

I definitely wouldn't recommend using these rides outside scenarios (or even within - completing scenario by placing prebuilts as fast as you can build them is not much fun).

I do agree that the abstract scenery was overused. I don't like to leave rides bare, because then they look awful, but I am poor at actually coming up with a theme for the ride. Now, I'd give it custom supports, a transfer track and perimeter fencing but no real theming as such. CSO isn't a great choice for scenarios though.

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I like a few of these! Reminds me of the days when I was brand new at this. Ohh....yesterday? Some that stand out particularly:  Vertimania, Tailhappy, Shuttle Loop, King's Cobra, and Flash Flood. These few I mentioned have quite a bit of charm to them. I'm not saying that all the others have no charm, they only seem simple and just something you'd toss in the corner of a park and forget about. However, most of them are well themed, although simplisticly. The few I named out are well-themed and remind me of the good ole' days! 

My favourite of this mixture is Tailhappy. Absolutely brilliant! Never thought of that. King's Cobra would be second. 


Now, you've gotten 3.14 million percent better over the years. (Hello there, Pi, my old nemesis). What sets you apart is your knack for making incredible custom coasters and tracked rides for OpenRCT2 and RCT2. From my backround of RCT2, I never liked using any custom ride/scenery (and still not scenery, if ever). Once I did start using custom rides, I was hooked and tried to post some scenarios and downloads with various objects in it. This is one reason why I love OpenRCT2 so damned much, I would likely not have found any of your downloads until much later, @X7123M3-256. After finding them in April, I've loved every. single. custom ride you have posted. Enough so, that I've implemented them in some of my more recent scenarios, and in my mega park. They are absolutely perfect. I find no issues with any of the downloads. 


I think we all agree that @X7123M3-256 deserves more attention than he's gotten. He is bloody awesome! His plethora of works are amazing! Bravo!


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On 14/04/2021 at 15:58, zachl1226 said:

I ended up downloading Woodcutter for my newest park and with a full train of guests, the train doesn't make it all the way past the upward helix.

That's by design. It's intended to operate as a shuttle coaster, the circuit is only completed because the ride type requires it. The "Insectivore" and "Tailslide" designs also function this way.

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