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  1. Phew! Figured it out and it runs like a dream. Thanks, man! Sorry for giving you a hard time.
  2. I'm not complaining. I'm just pointing out a concern. Not once have I ever berated nor insulted you (not to mention, I'm fairly new here and this really isn't the welcome I wanted to receive). Also, I'm not sure how to update my version of OpenRCT2. I try to give an update a download and I'm kinda lost on what exactly I need to do next.
  3. Uh, I tried opening one of your scenarios and the game immediately crashed.
  4. I ended up downloading Woodcutter for my newest park and with a full train of guests, the train doesn't make it all the way past the upward helix.
  5. Spent nearly a whole week working on the rest of the park and by the time I open the entirety of it, the game screws me over with a negative award. Literally all of that hard work gone and my guest surge is boned, even though my path layouts are easy to understand. Please for the love of Intamin, PLEASE add a cheat that disables negative awards. I'm sick and tired of being screwed out of guests when I'm making huge parks.
  6. Uhhh....okay...even though I had the cheat on the entire game (three hours of playing, BTW) so I wouldn't get bombarded with messages. Has this happened to anyone else before?
  7. Welp, I finally made it. Might take a bit of time to get this train moving (since I just joined yesterday), but I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully sharing my past creations on here.
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