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Make staff obey no entry banners


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I'd rather No Entry signs still only apply to visitors, making sure they don't wander up places and make a mess of paths which are easier to keep clean.The easiest solution is to not connect them up with your park. If the path isn't connected no-one will wander up. You could try using patrol zones as well since it's easier to focus staff in a particular area than going for a wide spread, it makes the more effective, instead of engineers taking calls for broken down rides when they're at opposite sides of the park.

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It may sound strange, but sometimes i'll have a pathway that connects a far away point from the park entrance (and island for instance) sometimes these areas can become too crowded (mainly from trams dumping people there) and i'll use the pathway as a way to force all of the guests away from the area. The only problem is it will sometimes suck all of my staff away from that area to somewhere else as well. I could make patrol areas but often Ill let them just roam as it is a pain to set a patrol area every time. @SnowMew maybe an option prompt for each banner? That way we could pick and choose if they obey or not.

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