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Comparison of RCT - RCT2 - OpenRCT2

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Having played these games since they came out and now ORCT I never remember having "TOO CROWDED" come up with as many guests thoughts as often as it seems to. I have tried single paths, straight paths that go in a circular manner, and double width paths. So, I decided to make a stat comparison of results from all three games. I took two finished RCT games and converted them to both RCT2 and OpenRCT2. First of all let me say that each scenario had EXACTLY the same rides and shops using the same fees. The time period was the same - 3 years. The only difference was that in one RCT game an admission was charged, but that didn't figure into the stats. I wasn't looking at money as you can't compare RCT with the newer versions. Here's what I found.

                                            Guests in park   Total Admissions    Rating     # of guests saying to crowded   # wanting to go home

RCT-Three Monkees                      2,089            4,362   48%           999                 19     0.9% of 2089                  8     0.3% of 2089

RCT2                                             2,071            3516   58%           580                212    10.2%                            77       3.7%

OpenRCT2                                    1,787            2,601   68%           420                284    15.8%                          125       6.9%

RCT - Thunder Rocks                    2,234            4,665   48%           999                  18     0.8%                             11      0.5%

RCT2                                             2,087            5,016   41%           420                624     29.8%                         141      6.7%

OpenRCT2                                    2,280             6,102   37%          000                 685     30.0%                         177     7.7%

It seems strange to me that RCT2 and ORCT have such a problem with being too crowded. To me it means that while playing the original scenarios of RCT in ORCT it will be very difficult to beat even the original goals because the rating is directly controlled by the guests' negative thoughts. I have tried 3 other RCT scenarios using ORCT and have had similar results. Granted in both of these, I exceeded the goal of  # of guests for each game for the given time period, but in both RCT2 and ORCT the scenarios were not win able. The only way I could win either scenario played in ORCT was to constantly use cheats to increase "Happiness" to max every day for the last 2 months.

How with that said I don't expect the scenarios to be too easy, in fact in the ones I create the goals are damn hard to reach. One thing I have noticed is that I have never (not yet anyway) seen "I am not paying that much..." and I have charged as much as $10.00 for a coaster!

All comments are welcome.079B - Three Monkeys Park 2016-11-06 15-48-09.png048B - Thunder Rocks 2016-11-06 11-24-38.png

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This all is pretty interesting @CharlieP! I like the amount of effort that went into this as well.


I remember that RCT1-2 both had it's fair share of issues with guest overpopulating the parks I ran. However, it could be me just messing up so often that overcrowding was such an issue. I still have issues with OpenRCT2 and overpopulation even now. 

It bites me often. Along with ai being stupid. That's a whole'nother situation in of itself.


My question is how you got so much money in both scenarios. Luck?

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I have found like @jensj12 said once a park is rolling it is easy to make lots of cash. My secret (don't tell anyone) is build several small coasters like steel mouse, wood mouse, inverted shuttle and a "themed" ghost train and charge $5 ($4 for ghost train) also the bellies either up or down (or both or multiples of different heights) @ $4 are great money makers that produce quick ride turnaround times. As money accumulates then build a large woodie of steelie charging $5 and lower the other coasters to $4.50 or so IF ridership declines. My all time high among RCT scenarios is Canary Mines when in 3 years I had a high monthly ticket sales of $20,787 and cash in bank at $121,526. That particular game had 2,374 guests in park but park rating was only 843 (to crowded by 97 guests).

Also include as many food stalls as possible and continue building them. The profit in them is great. Watch your financial page and see how they do make a difference.

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That seems very effective, @CharlieP, I won't tell anyone. :P My strategy is, build a superb coaster (or anything, really) and turn up the price to match it's excitement rating. 8.55 excitement = $8.50. Added to that, usually if it's say 0.04 or lower, I'll raise the price (from the already upped charge to match the excitement) by 0.10. Say, 8.54 = $8.60. If it's 0.05 or more. Raise it 0.20. 8.55 = $8.70. Pretty nifty, right? Works fr every ride. However: Watch out for how much you put non-tracked rides at. Guests get picky after too long.


Edit: Works well for ride tickets at a certain point scenarios.


Have fun with this. I probably have not stuck time enough to watch $$$ rack up, @jensj12. Oh well.

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It could be that RCT2 and OpenRCT2 get more "It's too crowded here" thoughts because of how the pathfinding for peeps heading somewhere prefers peeps to walk on the non-wide path tiles which concentrates the peeps on those path tiles (as is clearly seen in any park with wide paths). Some of the tweaks I made to the pathfinding to prevent peeps getting stuck in certain situations in OpenRCT2 actually railroads the peeps even more onto the non-wide paths.

Just another reason to look forward to a completely new peep pathfinding AI.

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Hi there, greets from Portugal!

Can you please give me some advice, please? I've start playing RCT again about 3 weeks from now, and this week I discovered OpenRCT2. After play 2 scenarios from RCT on ORCT I've got the same problem that CharlieP had:

On 06/11/2016 at 22:00, CharlieP said:

To me it means that while playing the original scenarios of RCT in ORCT it will be very difficult to beat even the original goals because the rating is directly controlled by the guests' negative thoughts. I have tried 3 other RCT scenarios using ORCT and have had similar results.

So, do you think it's better to play / it's more likely to win without cheats RCT without ORCT? Because I was trying ORCT just because some upgrades that they offer.


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Hey there Arti,

During my time with ORCT (less than a month maybe) I have mainly focused on the RCT1 scenarios so far. The only cheats I use regularly in my games are the no breakdown cheats as they bother me a LOT. Not to save money on mechanics but I mean seriously, why the hell does a freakin' slide break down?? I still keep a few mechanics around. I have been playing the original RCT probably since it came out, especially the first dozen scenarios. Playing on ORCT I haven't found any measurable difference in gameplay, difficulty or whatsoever compared to the original. My pathways are always pretty wide spread and I rarely had the peeps complaining about the park being too crowded. Unless of course I forgot to reconnect some small bits leading away from my main attractions with the main paths with a few dozen peeps getting stuck on 4 piles of path.  

But to answer your question, I do prefer the ORCT game with the breakdown cheat over the vanilla RCT and for me it is about equally likely to win scenarios on either version of the game. 

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