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  1. It's possible the sound files are not included in "Minimum" file group in your CD version and can be found in one of the other folders. But that's just a guess. The important thing is you got them. There's another post in the forums about music missing from the game that might interest you:
  2. Per the wiki, the following files are for the music and should be in your RCT2 folder in the Data folder: Optional: CSS3.DAT - CSS9.DAT, CSS11.DAT - CSS15.DAT and CSS18.DAT - CSS46.DAT (music styles) Optional: CSS17.DAT (title screen music) Optional: CSS17.DAT from RCT1, renamed to CSS50.DAT, which enables you to have the RCT1 title screen music. Based on your screen shots, you can look for these files in /home/owner/programs/rct2/Minimum/Data
  3. That sounds like you did it right. 🥳 Glad we could help.
  4. Ok. This command should extract all of the files from the CD: unshield -d "/home/owner/programs/rct2ww" x "/media/owner/RCT2_WW_EU/data1.hdr" Once that's done post a list of the extracted files so we can help advise you how to merge them with the RCT base install as Gymnasiast advised above.
  5. I don't have a RCT2WW CD to see what it looks like, but based on what you've pasted above the command used didn't extract anything at all. Try this to extract the whole CD content: unshield -d "/home/owner/programs/rct2ww" x "/media/owner/RCT2_WW_EU/data1.hdr" Once that's done, post a list of the content of the "rct2ww" folder.
  6. For RCT1 ,there are instructions here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Loading-RCT1-scenarios-and-data
  7. Great suggestion from Gymnasiast regarding Flakpak. Looking at the entry in the Software Manager in LinuxMint for OpenRCT2 it is indeed a Flatpak package. Leave your CD extracted files - they should be ok. Uninstall OpenRCT2 in the Software Manager. Install OpenRCT2 using the apt-get commands. Hopefully that will work.
  8. I don't understand that either. The only possible explanation that comes to mind is a folder permission issue. The message "command not found" indicates that the openrct2 executable is not in your path. In your case, the correct folder that OpenRCT2" needs is the "Minumum" folder, so the correct command would be: openrct2 set-rct2 ~/programs/rct2/Minumum But that will not work if the executable cannot be found. How did you install OpenRCT2? If I install from the nightly PPA, using the commands in the quickstart guide, it's found in the path. Entering the command "which openrct2" finds the executable here "/usr/bin/openrct2", for me.
  9. Hmm, your installation does indeed have a "Minimum" folder. All the necessary files should be under there. Can you show what files are in the "Minimum" folder? BTW, the problem with the listed commands is the parts with "$" (e.g. "$INSTALLDIR") - these are shell variables which presumably are not set, so expand to nothing. The resulting path, after expansion of the shell variables, is not found. So the commands need to be adjusted accordingly to replace the shell variables with the correct path.
  10. I have tried the instructions from the quickstart page listed in the first post and it does not work for me either (Retail CD from RCT2 Triple Theme Pack) - the archive has no "Minimum" group. Leaving out the "-g Minimum" will extract the files. This is as described on the Wiki: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/Required-RCT2-files#disc-version
  11. Probably the simplest thing to try is use the file browser to move the entire installed RCT2 folder from under ".wine" into your home folder and see whether OpenRCT2 can find it there.
  12. Can you confirm that the RCT2 files are indeed installed under ".wine". Can you find the RCT2 files using the normal file browser?
  13. Since the folder names include spaces and other special characters you need to add quotes: set-rct2 "/home/owner/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Infogrames/RollerCoaster Tycoon 2"
  14. The wiki page you refer to has a good description of the path finding under the section "Pathing Systems". It leaves out some details to keep the explanation simple. Junctions are indeed intersections of paths, such as a T or X. Other things that are considered junctions are listed on the wiki page. The main additional point to know is that the pathfinding searches through at most N junctions on a potential path before it stops. It chooses the direction of the various potential paths that ends closest to the destination. The value of N is around 10-15 if I remember correctly. Peeps that own a map have a slightly large value than those that do not, so should be a little better at finding their way around. If it weren't for the path thinning algorithm that assists the path finding, every path tile on a wider path would be a junction and the path finding would reach the search limits very quickly indeed. This may be what you refer to as the "junction problem". The "junction problem" might also refer to various other undesirable outcomes of limiting the search in this way. There is an option to view the result of the path thinning in game. When path finding, peeps always follow the thinned paths. RCT1 had no path thinning. Probably the best way to help the path finding is to design paths that follow the same principles of a real road system. Build a network of main thoroughfares (like highways) with minimal junctions to get the peeps most of the way to their destination. Few rides or shops should be connected directly to these. Then fill the zones between the main thoroughfares with smaller roads and laneways to which the rides and shops are connected.
  15. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/wiki/RCT1-Features-not-in-RCT2 The first item in the list appears to cover what you asked about.
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