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  1. That might depend on the version of avira and the settings you use. I myself don't use avira so I can only guess, but most anti virus software products have something called a white list. Whenever you start a program that the av software finds suspicious they should give an alert of some sort notifying you of that event. With the white list you are usually able to define a program as unharmful and thus it won't be watched by the av software. My av software (bitdefender) alerted me that orct is trying to change certain files when I tried to change the options in orct, making it impossible for m
  2. But won't the peeps start demanding more intense rides as the game proceeds? In my parks I pretty much don't even bother with building the gentle rides since they don't get more than a couple of peeps wanting to ride them after about half a year ingame, even with ticket prices as low as .20c. Even the excilting rides like the twister and the motion simulator rides don't attract any thing worthy of being considered a crowd after a while, even when being renewed. #Iwanttogoonsomethingmorethrillingthanblank
  3. Hey there Arti, During my time with ORCT (less than a month maybe) I have mainly focused on the RCT1 scenarios so far. The only cheats I use regularly in my games are the no breakdown cheats as they bother me a LOT. Not to save money on mechanics but I mean seriously, why the hell does a freakin' slide break down?? I still keep a few mechanics around. I have been playing the original RCT probably since it came out, especially the first dozen scenarios. Playing on ORCT I haven't found any measurable difference in gameplay, difficulty or whatsoever compared to the original. My pathways are
  4. Hey there generally speaking I am not a huge fan of natural scenery myself. As far as I know there is no such way of locating a particular kind of scenery object as you described. Whenever I want to get rid of unwanted scenery I use the little bulldowser that's right next to the land modifying button. With that you can remove all sorts of scenery in a specified area which can also be adjusted in size. This might be overkill for your purpose though. Another less "kill them all" kind of approach would maybe to use the option to make certain visual elements invisible or see through such as p
  5. Hello everyone, having never really played vanilla rct2 for more than like half an hour, i was really surprised to learn that the improvements to rides are actually researched when the kind of ride they with is checked in the research menue. i.e. the ride improvement "swan boats" is researched when the "water rides" type is checked. in the original rct1 game the ride improvements had a separate check box in the research menue. Frankly this has been bothering me quite a bit... is it just me or are others bothered by this as well? I have been checking the forum and haven't found any wa
  6. Thanks jensj12 for the quick reply. I checked again with the permissions and so on and well now I feel like a n00b... stupid antivirus software restricted access to the main executable file and prohibited it from altering any other files without noticing me. I had to put the exe file on some white list and now it all seems to be working nicely.
  7. Hey folks, I spent about an hour looking for a solution to my problem(s) in this forum but I came up with nothing. So here's the thing, I already had the RCT Deluxe version and the RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack from gog.com on my computer and then I installed the most recent build of openRCT2. At this point I have two major issues I can't seem to get fixed First I noticed that every time I start the openrct2 the settings in the options box seemed to reset themselves, as it always starts on window mode along with other changes I made before. Same goes for theme music selection, openGL rende
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