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I quite like the idea of a small talk topic for this forum. It gives users to share a lot more than just RCT related content. Maybe talk more on other games or similar games or just the oppourtunity to flood a section of the forum with cat pictures. It'd definitely make a few more forum goers a little more social.

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I found some screenshots of parks from years ago on my external drive. I don't think I still have the parks though, I'll look for them later.This one was part of a contest for the largest go-karts track in this sceneario:View imageThe peeps did not like it, surprisingly. And then I found out that there's an overflow error, making the total length seem a lot less in the stats :VThen there was this micro park, the map is completely filled and even something like a second floor, but the guests get lost quite easily:View imageAnd last thing, something I made with custom scenery. Still quite proud on how it turned out:View image

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Yeah sorry, I've deleted all the posts. I've been with my gf so I wasn't home and didn't see it fast. Luckily @NieljeNL tweeted me :DIt should be fixed for now. Possible countermeasures will be taken soon (stuff like... another moderator who can also delete this stuff and a captcha maybe (but not to much, like... Only when creating a topic, especially in Chinese :p ))EDIT: I've added a captcha when you post a topic. This way a script or bot won't be able to make many topics.

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