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Missing dats

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I have decided to finish one of the parks I started on several years back using RCT2. However when I loaded the park into OpenRCT2 I noticed missing dats. Pic 1 shows the park in RCT2 and pic 2 the same park in OpenRCT2. Notice that almost half of the whitewater tiles I used as shore waves are missing. In addition if I try and add the whitewater tile, it wants to place supports under them. I also noticed that the dat only appears in what I would call the southwest quadrant of the tile and can't be rotated.

I have included a copy the the park.

I am open to suggestions.



Santa Rico Boardwalk.SV6

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SCR10.pngUsing OpenRCT2 I lowered the water level and changed the land color and it shows the quarter tiles intact. Try this saved copy, I saved it using OpenRCT2.

I don't know if this is pertinent or not but when OpenRCT2 started I got an err message "Potential mismatch in file numbers, possible corrupt file. Consider deleting plugin.dat. I have no 'plugin.dat'

In order to view your ongoing park build I was forced to reload some rides that I had removed. SBOX in particular causes my RCT2 to not load at all when added back to the object file. If I open RCT2 with just the original 2122 dats - no problem, but add those original dats to my current object file (minus duplicated) and RCT2 won't load. Is there a potential that another dat has the same ID as the original SBOX?

Santa Rico Boardwalk.SV6

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Nice find, but you do have a plugin.dat file, or you wouldn't be able to use custom scenery at all. It's located in the OpenRCT2 folder in your documents. Deleting it could solve this issue, so give it a try. I think there's something wrong with the paint setup for water that's causing this.

Edit: Still can't open the attached saved game.

Edit 2: Found the reason, I'm missing this file: DP-ROOFS.dat

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Now I'm getting this error:

ERROR[src\object_list.c:794 (install_object_entry)]: Incorrect number of vanilla RCT2 objects.
ERROR[src\object.c:165 (object_load_chunk)]: object not installed
ERROR[src\object_list.c:575 (object_load_entries)]: failed to load entry: ZLOG

Could be something on my side, however I am unable to look at it myself now.

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First I get the same message "ERROR[src\object_list.c:794 (install_object_entry)]: Incorrect number of vanilla RCT2 objects." if and only if I have SBOX,dat  loaded in my objdata file.

ZLOG.dat is not a member of that scenario but it is in the ojbdata file

I have enclosed two pics, first one is from the game on RCT2 the second is from OpenRCT2.

When I created this park SBOX was NOT in the objdata file. I removed it because I didn't like it and wasn't going to use it. I don't know if that is the root of this problem or not and I am not sure how to correct it with OpenRCT2. I have tried to load the original objdata file from a virgin file set that I keep (2122 files) and add it to my current file set and tell it to replace the current with the originals. Begin the game (RCT2) and it will not load after it counts the dat changes. Remove SBOX and everything is OK. Begin OpenRCT2 with SBOX included and I get "ERROR[src\object_list.c:797 (install_object_entry)]: Incorrect number of vanilla RCT2 objects." I am confused!

I used my DatChecker program and found SBOX had ID 276c93b5 2538e5ed f5508976 823f74c9.

I have 7 scenarios that use the same white water 1/4 tile, on some the tiles appear underwater, some are misplaced on land and some don't appear at all. Now let me say this IF SBOX.dat is in the objdata file OpenRCT2 either give me dmp files or else terminates (Windows 10 style). I am an old electronics and computer tech (I programmed in basic, visual basic and linux) and have never been stumped like this.



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SBOX.DAT is a vanilla object (Soap Box Derby racers) - so don't remove it from the ObjData folder. I have no idea why removing it would appear to fix the problem though - is it possible that you have a duplicate of that object, or a different object with the same name that's causing a conflict? This seems rather strange - I'm not sure if it's an issue with the game, the park, or your RCT2 installation.

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I am going to try something.

1. I am going to rename my existing RCT2 main file and make a copy of the entire virgin file I have with the original 2,122 dats and scenarios.

2. Upload the saved game so that it is the only scenario besides the originals.

3. Run the scenario on both RCT2 and OpenRCT2 and see what happens. That will take out any stray or errant dats.

I will let you know what happens.

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SCR12.pngOK here is the poop. New copy of RCT2 loading three additional dats AWWC.dat, TTFALLSC.dat & WWMKY.dat below.

Added them to Over the Falls and you can see the results. Now something interesting, notice the one that is above the water - it sits on a tile which is partly above and partly below water. Otherwise that are all below the water on top of the base tile. Also rotating the 2 partial 1/4 tiles does move them around but keeps them on the same southwest quarter of the tile.




Over The Edge.sv6

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3 hours ago, Duncans_pumpkin said:

If it's a paint setup bug easiest way to test is load the map on 0.0.4 as we only implemented scenery paint setup recently

Good call, changed to stable version. Here is the result. Should I report this on Github?


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