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  1. Sounds like you are telling OpenRCT2 not to save its settings. It saves settings to your documents/OpenRCT2 folder by default. I suspect you have overriden the default save location and you don't have permission to write to the folder you have changed it to.
  2. The pathing to the entrance does not lend itself to being a popular ride. You should always try get a junction at the entrance this will make more people use the ride. If there are more than one of this type of coaster that would also decrease popularity.
  3. Develop does still have the occasional game corrupting bug that slips in every now and then. I would trust stable more if you are worried about corruption.
  4. I don't think we save to a temp file and copy over. I'm pretty sure we just save ontop of the previous file. If it was too crash when saving it would wipe out the save. Although you say it crashed not when saving. I would at a guess have to say you might have just forgotten to save.
  5. That only works on RCT2 builds that only about 2 of us use.
  6. The happiness calculation for rides is broken at the moment it is being worked on. It has been broken since 0.0.4 was released.
  7. Yes it's no op by default. That's why if you look at my junior RC progress pics the coaster slowly formed as I finished it
  8. Some what. Most rides need different offsets and boundary sizes. And then the supports are obviously different for each track. There is a pattern to most of it so it's not hard to work out. You have to implement the whole of a rides functions before switching due to the way it gets called.
  9. Its a bit easier but sadly junior rc doesn't have every track element type so its still a start from scratch for other types. marijnvdwerf created a very useful tool that tells you exactly what each track element needs to output which makes it much easier to make and check the other rides though. Recently IntelOrca has started doing a couple coasters so I think we will be ramping up over the next few months. As for adding new elements in theory we could repurpose some of the existing elements that are not used for certain rides. It would be a bodge though that there would not be much rea
  10. Actually it doesn't use water coaster anymore it uses our own code. And I think from today water coaster also uses our own code
  11. Sorry I was probably the one in the wrong to shoot down your suggestions so harshly. It's just this was the second long list of features I'd seen this week and the vast majority of suggestions are not possible for now.
  12. So basically you think it would be super neat if we create a completely new game for the next update. Most of your requests are possible, some ridiculously difficult, some possible at the moment. The vast majority have such niche uses that there would be no reason adding so much code to implement them.
  13. Try build 73d4532 that will be one of the last ones before my change. As said I will try fix it tonight so if you don't mind waiting ...
  14. @sainty7 you night have to switch to a build from before the weekend if that doesn't work. I will revert my assert when I can but that won't be till tomorrow night
  15. Yes it probably is. So is this only happening on badly formed images?
  16. Ah that's interesting. I added that because I thought that bit of code would never be reached. I'll have to keep that code I guess
  17. If you had actually read the g1 dialogue box it says choose the directory where rct2 was installed not where openrct2 is installed. We use g1.dat to verify the directory is correct so by moving it into openrct2 you broke the directory checker. Delete g1.dat from the openrct2 folder and when the prompt occurs again select the folder where g1.dat is located.
  18. The opengl render at present cannot handle the ride preview screen that shows when you create a new ride. I suggest not using opengl renderer for now for actual play.
  19. Sure we will get right on that as soon as you can provide a complete list of all the variables that are used in rct1 vehicles and peeps and how they translate to rct2. In other words its ridiculously hard to do.
  20. There shouldn't be any changes to the climate. And anyway that doesn't effect the pathfinding only the decision on what type of ride to head to.
  21. Maps work badly. Normally a peep checks the surrounding area for a ride to go on. With a map a peep will check the whole map to find a ride it will like. This causes peeps to try to navigate long distances which it is not very good at doing.
  22. They should all be listed. There is possibly one set command that isn't listed that is used for debugging drawing but I'm sure no one needs to know that apart from the two of us doing the drawing functions. It's not hard to add set commands so a date one could easily be added.
  23. Peep ai does take transport rides into consideration but only when deciding on what to ride not in terms of how to get to a destination. When leaving a park for example they will take transport rides if they pass them but it has no idea if it will get them to the destination quicker. The main difference between RCT2 AI and OpenRCT2 AI is maps are correctly used and this causes peeps to get lost more.
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