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Boosters for Some Coasters

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The Twister coaster already has it. It probably could be added to the others without the need of a new file format because it's an element that's already in the game, but I doubt it will happen. Most coasters that have launches have them on level track though, and for that you'd need a new track piece. We'll have to stick with using chain lifts as launches for now.

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Many Intamin launch coasters use a hydraulic launch with a catch car that attaches to the train. I'm thinking you could have a special piece that, when placed, turns the preceding straight run of track into a launch run. It could function exactly like the cable lift does now, but faster and entirely on level track (the cable lift piece can only be built on a slope).

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44 minutes ago, Duncans_pumpkin said:

I'm not sure what that is but I'm sure if you could provide a spec of what its meant to do we could come up with some sort of solution.

A booster was a flat track piece that sped up the train as it went over it. RCT1 had them, so the design is out there somewhere. The launched lift hill is different, as those aren't flat. In RCT1 you were able to place as many in a row as you wanted, so the train could leave the station going slow and then the boosters would increase the speed to go through hills and loops, etc. They really would all a lot of fun to the coasters if they could be done!

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7 minutes ago, X7123M3-256 said:

Why would you want to do that? I can't think of any examples of a ride with a reverse incline and a launch. There's a couple that have three launches in alternating directions though, like the Premier Sky Rocket and that new Intamin in China.


Because this is a game of creativity and fantasy? And it got great ratings, peeps loved them. I had it go through a tunnel by raising the ground and the peeps would see an area that only they could see. It was cool!

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3 hours ago, imlegos said:

I feel like they were removed from RCT2 because they could be ubused majorly in 1

They could be used to create good coasters, and they do increase running costs. Making them researchable is an option too (or was that removed too in RCT2?)

Here's one I made a long time ago: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=278846698

I've also used boosters on reverse incline launch mode to make trains go at the same speed backwards and forwards over a certain piece of track. Otherwise they would go way too fast forward and very slow backwards.

On github an RCT1-imported coaster with boosters once showed up, the booster tracks were simply invisible. Not sure if the boosters worked or not.

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The rct1 importer boosters do not work. I can't remember off the top of my head which track element they try to show. I'll have to run quite a few tests when we implement the booster to get the acceleration multiplier correct because at present there is no code for boosters and it would be a real pain to understand rct1 enough to reversed engineer it directly. I could implement that code now without the graphics if you wanted.

X123 okay so it's basically a chain lift but not on a hill. It would require a new piece that tells you where it ends and would require a good think about how it integrates with block brakes. You could use the same code as the chain lift for most of it. Don't think it would be too ridiculous to implement. It would be best to leave this until our new file format though.

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