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Increase Queuetime tolerance


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So, peeps will say "I've queued for ages!" allready after "7" Minutes of waiting and won't say the ride was great afterwards as a result. I think that is pretty insane and unrealistic.

I think they should at least have a waiting time of 15 Minutes (or more) until they get pissed like that.

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What I'd like instead would be certain things that increase tolerance. For example, Queue TVs could be made more effective; placing Entertainers in queues should make quests even more happier than they do now; and here's a wild idea: guests could get more patient if they could bring items with them (food items/drinks) to the queue. I mean, realistically speaking, they would be busy sipping away on their Drinks at the time they are expected to complain, right?

However, I am slightly concerned about the 7 minute time-limit. How about 9? By that point, 3 loops of the ride should probably be finished. 

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I woud vote against simply increasing the base queue time tolerance. 'Pausing' or slowing down the in-queue timer when guests have other things to do (watch tv/entertainer, drink/eat something) would be better. If you want a long queue, make sure the coaster has a good capacity as well. More guests in the queue means more guests getting on the ride means more happiness and more money, changing the queue time tolerance would change game balance.

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I have to agree with everyone else- queue line TVs and other factors should increase or pause tolerance, but changing it outright would probably break many save games.  If we're talking about breaking the game (which is going to happen anyway after the code is complete, anyway), maybe have a Fastpass-like system as a feature when we can actually do that in the game's code? 

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@cascadia Save file support with vanilla will break the moment we move to our own file format. The only reason it's not being done yet is because people won't be ready to make that big leap yet. At least that's what IntelOrca thinks...

Oh, and yeah. At this point I'm also convinced changing the base tolerance for waiting will have some major impacts over game play. Didn't even think about that. :P

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