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Option to make staff not go on queue lines

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I don't know if this has been suggested or not as I couldn't find anything on it. My idea is to add an option for staff to avoid queue lines. Nothing is more frustrating than your handyman going down your queue line to obviously just reach the entrance to the ride then go back. I saw someone have the idea to have a click and drag system for the patrol routes but it hasn't been implemented yet, if it is even possible but that would be a great solution for both their and my idea. With the zero knowledge of coding I feel making an option for them to avoid queue lines would be much easier than being able to precisely select their patrol path. This obviously wouldn't be a solution to their idea but would be a nice thing to have as the AI on the staff is pretty bad and they just seem to love going down the queue paths even though there is 5 things of vomit 2 feet from the queue line.

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While I understand the frustration of that, I'm pretty sure guests puke and litter in the queues as well, so code would have to be written to make it impossible for that to happen, or else your park rating will plummet since the handyman wouldn't be able to clean it up. I'm also pretty sure there's certain circumstances where mechanics have to go into queues to get to a breakdown. 

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They very rarely do, but that can be counted as a rare bug. It could be owned up to the AI being bad at detecting puke or actually making puke. I've always set up manual patrols in my parks and once in a few years a guest will puke at the very start of the queue line (some even go beyond that). Since it somehow is counted as being in the block that has the queue, the handyman never cleans it up.

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8 hours ago, Nubbie said:

It's been posted on GitHub at least :U

#1999 and #3205

Also, nice avatar :P

Hehe, thanks :)


I have very very rarely had peeps puke/litter in my queue lines, maybe not even a handful of times. So I see no reason for handymen to enter queue lines. Make it an option like when selecting their duties to have them avoid queue lines.

This is just a rough example of the issue you can run into with the 4x4 grid selection of the patrol paths. This could obviously get more annoying if you say have queue paths above the blue selection as it gives them another chance to not walk along the normal footpaths. From my experience it is more than likely that your handyman will love to join the peeps in the queue rather than walk along on the normal footpath.


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Usually, vomit in queue lines only really occur if a guest decides to be stupid and enter the queue while on the brink of vomiting. Form there it'll halt the entire line walking in the queue to blast open it's mouth and let loose puke before continuing down. Guests can't vomit if they're standing in the queue lines, which is why it's rare. 

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Guests don't vomit when walking on queue lines either. Can easily be proven by disconnecting a queue line from the paths and closing the ride, so that they will start walking. Use cheats to give them max nausea, and notice how it slowly drops while they are walking.

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