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  1. Hehe, thanks I have very very rarely had peeps puke/litter in my queue lines, maybe not even a handful of times. So I see no reason for handymen to enter queue lines. Make it an option like when selecting their duties to have them avoid queue lines. This is just a rough example of the issue you can run into with the 4x4 grid selection of the patrol paths. This could obviously get more annoying if you say have queue paths above the blue selection as it gives them another chance to not walk along the normal footpaths. From my experience it is more than likely that your handyman
  2. I don't know if this has been suggested or not as I couldn't find anything on it. My idea is to add an option for staff to avoid queue lines. Nothing is more frustrating than your handyman going down your queue line to obviously just reach the entrance to the ride then go back. I saw someone have the idea to have a click and drag system for the patrol routes but it hasn't been implemented yet, if it is even possible but that would be a great solution for both their and my idea. With the zero knowledge of coding I feel making an option for them to avoid queue lines would be much easier than bei
  3. No, I mean I can't even choose any rides to make. Example: http://puu.sh/jtr8V/eaf4f64e1e.png
  4. Hey, I don't know if this has been brought to your attention but the Rollercoaster Designer seems to be completely broken at this point. I went into it once and it worked fine but after exiting out of it once ALL the rides are missing and I can't seem to get them back by doing anything. It's not a huge deal as I can just use the Create your own Six Flags Park as a temporary solution to it.
  5. I'm pretty sure the save on exit popup only happens after a certain amount of time you go without saving or do a certain amount of stuff, idk which.
  6. What are the parks shown in the main menu clips? Some of the parks look pretty cool but I have no idea what they are.
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